Are You Dating A Low Maintenance Person But With High Standards? Here Are 6 Things You Need To Know

Are You Dating A Low Maintenance Person But With High Standards? Here Are 6 Things You Need To Know

Relax, you hit the dating pool jackpot. This is practically the best person you can have in your life, not only as a lover but also as a friend. These people have ambition, but they are also down to earth.

With this person, petty stuff will never become a huge deal. But they also know their worth and will not accept mediocrity.

So, make sure you know these 6 things about your low maintenance but high standards lover and you will be fine.

1. A Thoughtful Gift Is Always Appreciated, Even If Not Extravagant

You will not melt this person's heart by getting a fancy and expensive gift. As long as you give them something thoughtful, you will be perfect. These people love the memories associated with the gift more than its value.

2. It's About What Matters, Not Insignificant Things

You will not get into a fight over a sock on the floor with this person. If an argument comes up, it will be over something more serious such as the future of the relationship.

3. They Have Few Expectations, But Essentials An Absolute Must

These people might not expect many material things from you, but you have to meet some essentials for the relationship to last. For instance, be considerate about their feelings and be mindful of the things they care about. This should come naturally if you treasure your relationship with this person.

4. Relationships Only Mean Something When There's A Connection

The quality of the relationship you have with this person will not depend on what you can do for them but on how deep the connection between the two of you is. In other words, the connection has to be deep for the relationship to mean something to this person.

5. They Know They Worth And What They Deserve

These people know how to treat people lovingly and respectfully. More importantly, they expect the same treatment from those they involve themselves with.

They know they are deserving of the very same things they think you deserve. If you can't live up to this standard, your relationship with this person might not have a good future.

6. They Are Harmless, But They Won't Stand For Nonsense

This person will not harm you, at least not on purpose. However, if something does not go as intended, you can expect them to come out and say something because they will not let such things slide.

Dating a person who has high standards and is also low maintenance is a huge blessing. But understand that these people want a serious connection and a relationship based on love and respect. If you fall short of such expectations, then don't count on the relationship going the distance.