Are You Dating A Dude Who's Addicted To Bragging? 13 Signs He's Up His Own Ass


You are on a date with a man who is causing your blood pressure to rise. Rather than attempting to impress you by being a good, humble person, he is excessively enamored with himself, which has ruined your appetite. Oh dear! Below are 13 indications that you are dealing with a braggart.

1. He's All About The Brag

The braggart, as the term implies, is an individual who takes pleasure in boasting about oneself. If he were compensated each time he boasted about his accomplishments and himself, he would be wealthy by now. How unimpressive.

2. He Probably Records Voice Notes A Lot

The braggart is enamored with the sound of his own voice, evident in his incessant monologues about himself. It's akin to watching a one-man play where he's the only actor on stage. It's time to request the bill!

3. He Puts You Down

The braggart's behavior is aggravating because not only does he extol his own accomplishments, but he also seeks to surpass everyone else's. If he mentions that he has published a book and you disclose that you have done so as well, he will attempt to establish why his book and publishing agreement are superior. Similarly, if you mention that you have been on a hot air balloon ride, he will assert that his experience was superior since it took place in Tanzania.

4. He's Loud

The braggart will be the most vocal and self-important individual in any given space, causing misery to those forced to endure his company. He yearns for recognition, even if it's for being an impudent and overbearing individual. How pitiable.

5. He's King Of The Humble Brag Too

Not only does the braggart boast about his accomplishments, but he also enjoys "humble bragging." This occurs when he speaks of his misfortunes in a manner that appears to be an excuse for him to boast. For example, he may discuss his ownership of a Ferrari, but express concern about it being stolen every night. How pitiable. Alternatively, he may complain about the poor quality of his first-class seats during a recent trip to Paris.

6. He's Not There

Although he appears confident and attractive while seated across from you, the braggart fails to pay attention to you. Whenever you express a thought or viewpoint, he dismisses it or quickly changes the topic, implying that you are irrelevant. In reality, he is on a date with himself.

7. He Disses You When You Disagree

If you happen to hold a differing opinion on a matter, the braggart will disregard you even further, forcing you to speak over him in order to express your thoughts. These dates ought to include a referee, and this individual should receive a red card.

8. He's The Star Of Q&a

The purpose of a first date is to learn about one another by posing questions, isn't it? Can someone please remind the braggart of this? He enjoys answering your inquiries but never poses any himself. If he does inquire, it's frequently in a manner that allows him to divert attention away from you and back to himself as soon as possible. For example, he may say, "You've been doing well, right?" That isn't a legitimate inquiry to learn about your well-being because he's already answering the question for you and seems completely uninterested! How rude.

9. He Puts The 'i' In Imbecile

The braggart frequently begins his sentences with "I," even when you haven't inquired about him specifically. For example, if you happen to know his closest friend and inquire about their dancing career, the braggart will swiftly respond and then add, "I danced for years as well." How irritating.

10. He's A Nodder

Occasionally, you finally get a chance to contribute to the conversation (miracles do happen), but when you do, the braggart employs body language to hasten you along and allow him to speak again. This may include excessive nodding or saying, "Yeah, yeah." It's quite off-putting and may discourage you from speaking further.

11. He Doles Out Unsolicited Advice

The braggart considers himself knowledgeable on a variety of subjects, so he will offer unsolicited advice on your decisions and life. Even if you haven't requested it, he will intervene just because you mentioned that you're renovating your house or working on a new business concept. He's extremely irritating.

12. He Talks Down

The braggart, being an insecure individual, tends to talk down to those around him, such as the waiter or barman. This behavior is rooted in his belief that he knows everything and that he is superior to everyone else. It's enough to make you want to throw a drink in his face.

13. He Doesn't Like Not Being In The Spotlight

Upon your return from chatting with your friend, the braggart shows signs of being upset or angry because he wasn't the center of your attention for a mere few minutes. This behavior illustrates his self-centeredness and disregard for your needs. It's as if he's consumed a large dish of ego for his main course. It's probably best to leave the date and move on.