Are You Being Taken For Granted? 9 Signs He Doesn't Appreciate You

When in a romantic relationship, one would anticipate feeling cherished, esteemed, and treated thoughtfully. After all, this is what one extends to their partner, and the very purpose of being in a relationship, isn't it? However, if your significant other is found guilty of any of these actions, then it is a clear sign that you are being taken for granted.

1. He just assumes

He assumes he knows your thoughts and desires without asking, and doesn't offer to help around the house or with dinner when he's working from home, assuming you will handle everything. However, he is wrong most of the time. A man who truly values you would inquire about your wants, offer to assist, and find ways to contribute to your relationship.

2. Date night has all but disappeared

Initially, you both used to enjoy romantic dates together, not necessarily something extravagant, just spending quality time outside the house doing activities you both relished. However, lately, he seems content sitting on the couch in his boxers, ordering pizza, and ignoring you while playing video games. How wonderful!

3. He's stopped complimenting you

Previously, he would compliment your stunning blue eyes when you smiled or how fantastic your butt looked in your preferred jeans. However, now it appears that he's looking straight through you when he gazes at you. It's been so long since you last received a compliment from him that you can't even remember. This is certainly not a promising indication.

4. You rarely see him out of his dingy jeans and sweatpants

The days are gone when he used to shower and groom himself before meeting you. Nowadays, you consider yourself fortunate if he even changes into clean boxers before spending time with you. Disgusting! The reality that he doesn't care about his appearance for you perhaps indicates that he doesn't see the importance of it. In other words, now that he has you, he thinks, "why bother?" Ugh, how frustrating!

5. He wants to have sex but would rather skip the foreplay

Intimate and romantic moments together are now a thing of the past. Whenever he feels horny, he expects you to comply with his desires, but he has no interest in anything except his own satisfaction. He doesn't care if you enjoy it or not, and foreplay is no longer a part of his vocabulary. He doesn't view this behavior as an issue.

6. He never listens when you speak

It's quite apparent when someone is disregarding or ignoring you, and unfortunately, he seems to do that frequently. It feels as though you are an annoyance to him, interrupting something that he considers incredibly crucial, even when you're attempting to communicate with your partner. He has no interest in listening to you, and instead, prefers you to remain silent.

7. He makes decisions based on what's best for him rather than both of you

Rather than weighing whether a decision would be beneficial for both of you, he ensures that it works in his favor and proceeds with it, regardless of how it will impact your life. You're expected to simply go with the flow and get on board, or else it's your loss.

8. He refuses to take responsibility for his mistakes and just expects forgiveness

Rather than taking responsibility for his mistakes, apologizing, and making amends, he becomes arrogant and defensive when confronted and acts as though he's never at fault. Even when he is, he expects you to overlook it because he's your boyfriend and can do as he pleases. That hardly seems fair, does it?

9. He doesn't worry about losing you because he thinks it'll never happen

When you express your frustration, he brushes it off as a joke and insists that you couldn't possibly leave him because you love him too much. He has an inflated sense of self-worth and seems to believe that he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and that you couldn't possibly find someone better. Maybe it's time to prove him wrong...