Indigo children, sometimes referred to as crystal or star children are upgraded blueprints of humanity. They are gifted souls on a precise mission of challenging and shifting reality. They are freethinkers who possess strong intuition and see the truth with clear insight. They can effortlessly expose deception and separate it from the truth. They always feel closer to the true essence. Their DNA seems to be coded with a desire to make the truth known. However, this does not mean that they think so highly of themselves to a point where they can be regarded as narcissists.

Indigo children have different gifts which make most people regard them as delusional. For this reason, they find it hard to fit in with most people for they are often misunderstood and rejected. Having said this, let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of these gifted souls said to be born after 1970. If you possess a number of the following characteristics, you are probably an indigo child.

1. You are compassionate and empathetic.

Indigo children cannot live with themselves if they treat other people cruelly. They care so much about the world and the people around that they often hurt if they see them go through a hard time. Cruelty, destruction, and violence stir up feelings of anger in them. Most times, their high level of compassion and empathy makes them struggle with depression and anxiety.

2. You are a strong nonconformist.

Most times, people mistake you for a naughty person who disregards standard social rules. You don’t follow the rules because they are there. You want to know why such laws exist. If they are satisfactory to you, then you have no problem adhering to them. You also can’t stomach the idea of being boxed and controlled by others. Your preference is forging your path and finding your truth.

3. You are more mature and intelligent compared to your peers.

You are more of an old soul who understands and sees things more clearly than most people your age. You are also more emotionally mature and independent. This might make you feel out of place. While it might be a problem earlier in life, you soon figure out a way to cope.

4. You prefer a sense of fulfilment than wealth.

Your life does not revolve around money. As long as you have enough for your needs, you are comfortable. In as much as you wouldn’t mind swimming in cash, you don’t put value over what brings you comfort or what compromises your morals and principles. This is why an indigo child will likely choose less lucrative professions that are fulfilling over higher paying careers.

5. You are not dogmatic over religion but are drawn to spirituality.

You are an open-minded, free-thinker, who falls in love with the message regardless of the origin of the message. You are not tied down to a specific religion and don’t mind mix and matching the message.

6. You are intrigued by paranormal topics.

It’s only natural for open-minded individuals to be attracted to topics that others are closed too. Considering how some things don’t make sense or are left unanswered, you don’t mind hearing paranormal issues in quest of answers and explanations.

7. You strongly seek to find a life purpose.

You struggle to find answers and the purpose in life. You firmly believe that you don’t just exist. You are convinced that you are destined for something great that will bring you a sense of fulfillment. Your sense of ‘purpose’ is what fuels you.

8. You always seek for answers of how things work.

Indigo children are highly curious. Simple answers don’t satisfy them. They always dig deeper and want to know more about anything that they set their mind on.

9. People wonder if you have ADHD.

Since you are different from other people, they tend to assume that you might have a medical problem. As such, they tend to think that you may have ADHD. This should, however, be not a cause for alarm. It’s just their way of thinking since they find it hard to cope with your mode of thinking.

10. You are a natural storyteller.

You have unmatched storytelling skills since your imagination has no limits. You can quickly come up with stories that people will naturally like and easily find them amusing.

11. Horror movies freak you out.

One disadvantage of indigo children is their fear of horror movies. Considering their high imagination levels, horror movies will freak them and last in their memories for the longest time possible.

12. You feel that you are special and unique.

Deep down inside, indigo children value themselves. They are confident that they are unique. They do not think highly of themselves in a narcissistic way. However, they don’t regard themselves as historical figures. It is only that they are more driven by their purpose in life and their sense of duty.

13. You are highly creative.

Your brain loves to express itself through creativity. Be it through music, writing, art or painting. You are always impressed by creativity.

14. You have never been quite ‘normal.’

Indigos often feel like outsiders due to their empathy and openness which sets them apart from others. They think, feel and act differently. Children may have a hard time trusting their instincts due to this nature.

15. You had a hard time in school.

Although indigos are highly intelligent, they often have a hard time with schools that have a rigid structure. Such children thrive better in less traditional or inflexible schools which encourage a sense of self-direction.

16. You have more intense emotions.

It’s safe to say that indigo children have ‘difficult emotions.’ They have this feeling that whatever they feel at any time regarding a particular situation, they think it more than others. They laugh hard at funny situations and are sadder during distressing moments.

17. They struggle with being pushovers.

During times of conflict, indigo children’s sensitivity tends to take a toll on them. Although they are independent, they tend to put themselves in other people’s shoes to avoid disappointing others.