Are You An Assertive, Badass Woman? 12 Signs You Take No Crap

Are You An Assertive, Badass Woman? 12 Signs You Take No Crap

She was supposed to be timid and subservient, subjected to others, particularly men, sculptured into a certain stereotype. Look today and see strong women, full of conviction and control. Yet they are still very feminine and much adore, even if secretly. Are you one of these assertive badass women? Here are the 12 "secrets" of this woman.

You say no, and you mean it

Forget the crap that when a woman says no she means yes and vice versa. Your no is no, and you get respected for that.

Who said you couldn't scale to new heights?

You believe in yourself and go for your dreams. You become what you want, and no one will stop you.

A woman's place is the kitchen

Such trash! Unless it's your dream to become an outgoing chef. Your place is not to be tied to the kitchen or anywhere!

You have a presence

When you are around, everyone will notice and respect you. Your mere silence speaks volumes; think of when you really speak.

Coy and shy is for the cat, perhaps

Not for you. You speak your mind, and that's what you stand for. You may be a solitary voice, but if you believe in it, you say it and live it.

You will be found in an unexpected company

No one dictates whom you will be with, where, or when. You can decide for yourself. So you are likely to be with men when people think you should be with other women.

You enjoy yourself fully

What makes you happy is what you do. You don't wait for anyone's approval or permission, and you clearly know you are hurting no one or breaking no law.

You don't blush when you make a mistake

You speak your mind and push for what you want. Once in a while, you realize you have erred, but you are resilient and do not stop because you erred. Instead, you quickly learn, adjust and move on. You apologize where you have to, but that doesn't put you down.

Many people look up to you

You do not ask for it or expect it, but you find yourself acting as a pillar, a shoulder to lean on for many people. You give solutions when everyone seems stuck with a problem.

You give credit to who deserves it

This is a mark of the assertive badass woman. She doesn't take what's not due to her. No praise when it's not for her. Equally, she will reward those who deserve to be rewarded and fearlessly castigate whoever needs to be reprimanded.

You take on big things

The assertive badass woman is not afraid of challenges. What others have done, especially men, she will do if it's in her heart to do it.

She's still humble and woman

This is the best part. Being assertive and badass is not being brutish. This woman is still feminine, loving and hasn't lost her motherly qualities at all.