Are You A Strong, Badass Woman? You NEED To Listen To These 10 Podcasts

Join the trend and make podcasts a daily staple in your life if you haven't already! They provide an enjoyable commute to work and serve as a great substitute for binge-watching on Netflix. Unlike passive TV watching, listening to podcasts leaves you feeling engaged, motivated, and more knowledgeable. With their diverse range of topics, podcasts have helped me improve my writing and reading skills, manage my finances, excel at work, enhance my home life, and stay informed on political matters without feeling overwhelmed.


Check out these 10 podcasts that every awesome twenty-something woman should have on her playlist:

1. call your girlfriend

Anne Friedman and Aminatou Sow are amazing! If you're only going to listen to one podcast from this list, it should be theirs. Picture two besties, just like you and your BFF, talking about everything from periods to feminism, politics, and pop culture with plenty of sarcasm. It's fantastic! They even have a top-notch monthly newsletter called The Bleed, and both have remarkable individual accomplishments, so there's a plethora of extra content to explore.


2. harry potter and the sacred text

Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile's podcast is a delightful exploration of Harry Potter, akin to studying the Bible, and it's fantastic. For Potter fans, it brings an abundance of joy to revisit the books in this way. Even if you're not a fan (what kind of millennial are you?), the podcast is still captivating, delving into themes like "commitment," "honesty," and "masculinity." Vanessa and Casper's dynamic is hilariously amusing, and they host intriguing guests on the show.


3. happier (with gretchen rubin)

Gretchen Rubin, the happiness expert behind The Happiness Project, and her sister, Elizabeth Craft, a screenwriter and movie producer, team up to offer practical advice on how to lead a happier life. The podcast is perfect for listening during your morning commute or before bed at night. The tips are refreshingly simple, such as "if you can complete a task in under a minute, like putting your plate in the dishwasher, do it!" They also host great guests, like Drew Barrymore and Dan Harris.


4. this pod is your pod

If you're feeling disenchanted with the current political state of America, know that you're not alone, and this podcast is just what you need. The amazing women of Pantsuit Nation bring you this show that will leave you feeling incredibly motivated and empowered to conquer the world.

5. women rule

If you want to stay up-to-date on current events or impress your colleagues with your political knowledge, look no further. This podcast is your ultimate go-to. Produced by POLITICO, it's highly polished and informative, with a particular focus on encouraging women's participation in politics.


6. feminasty

The term "nasty woman" may have faded, but it's alive and well in the podcast world. Kate Harding and Samhita Mukhopadhyay are two friends who delve into what it means to be a powerful woman in today's world, through interviews with activists and advocates. The show features fantastic guests and never fails to make me laugh during my daily commute.


7. 2 dope queens

Joining forces, comedians Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams deliver a hilarious podcast filled with witty commentary on race, hair journeys, sex, and pop culture. The show often features other comedians as guests, and if you have a sarcastic sense of humor, this podcast is the perfect fit for you.

8. grammar girl quick and dirty tips

This podcast is a treasure trove of ultra-quick and captivating episodes that delve into the history of language and words, answering those nagging grammar questions like "cannot, can not, and can't...what's the difference?" I enjoy tuning in while doing repetitive tasks like filing at work, as the episodes are brief. Plus, confessing to listening to it makes me sound professional!


9. magic lesson (with elizabeth gilbert)

Although no longer broadcasting, this podcast still offers a treasure trove of past episodes for your binge-listening pleasure. Hosted by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the wildly popular books Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic, the show features listener questions about creativity, followed by an interview with one of her fabulous celebrity friends on the topic. Each episode leaves me feeling incredibly inspired.


10. stuff you missed in english class

This podcast features incredibly intriguing episodes about little-known individuals whose lives, inventions, and work have had a significant impact on our world. As I listen, I'm continually amazed and find myself exclaiming, "Why didn't we learn about this?!" I particularly enjoy the episodes that showcase the accomplishments of women (of which there are plenty).