Are You A Sexually Liberated Woman Or A "Freak"?

Are You A Sexually Liberated Woman Or A “Freak”?

The era of a woman's place in the kitchen is gone, and it is time for her to explore the world. Unfortunately, women do not fully enjoy this privilege because society has programmed them to believe that she is no better than any man.

How selfish are we that for ages we have confined this magnificent creature in a cage of mental slavery and shackles of oppression?

However, the modern woman is as adventurous as her male counterpart in matters concerning her sexuality. Should a man feel threatened at the expense of the woman's sexual liberation?

As a woman, you are not a "freak" when you openly take your stand on your sexuality. Society may turn out to be judgmental of you, but it's time you discarded your modest and prove your worth. Women's empowerment has given you a green light to liberate your mind when it comes to sexual matters.

To be empowered does not imply that you are promiscuous. You should be aware of the misconceptions, particularly from men, that if you are sexually liberated you stand to be labeled as a freak.


In that case, it's upon you to stand out and defend your legacy. Here are a few stereotypes that are likely to haunt you if you come out clearly on your sexuality.

1. That You Are Promiscuous

If you appear to be open-minded on your sexuality, most men will believe that you are a sex object for their diabolic lust. On the contrary, they get offended when you turn down their advances. How awkward!

What they don't know is that women are choosy when it comes to casual partners than just a potential boyfriend. Unlike men who lower their dignity, women tend to look out for desirable features in a man of their choice.

They always settle for the best when it comes to having sex. They go for someone who has the potential to protect, provide, and have fatherly skills. Should you fall a victim to sex bullies, stick to your guns as a woman.


2. Mistaken For Being Desperate

Accordingly, a woman gives in to a man to gain love in return but vice versa is true to men. On one side, men will always assume that any woman who is sexually empowered is desperate to have a father-figure by her side.

This is not true at all. The modern woman can choose to get laid without an element of emotional attachment. As a human being with feelings, she also needs to feel 'good' just like men do.

Therefore, don't shy away from discovering what makes you happier.

3. She Is Into Some Fetishes

It takes two to tangle. But society will look the other way and accuse you of being sexually immoral. Many people have the weird belief that when you are candid about your sexuality, chances are that you are into some kinky stuff.


Anyway, there is no harm in trying a new trick in the bedroom as long as you are doing it with the right person. The writing is on the wall. It should not imply that being sexually adventurous translates to freakiness. It shouldn't!

4. You Are Simply 'cheap'

Your sexual history is not a matter of debate as to whether you can stay faithful or not. The fact that you engaged in casual sex with several partners in the past shouldn't portray you as unfaithful.

You should take it as a passing moment in life and look forward to some serious relationship. Everyone, including your potential partner, has a questionable past. Therefore, no one has the authority to condemn you for what is in the past.

The present and their future should matter a lot. There is a common belief that "you should kiss a lot of frogs before landing your prince-charming".


5. Not The Wife Material

The fear that grips many men is that any sexually liberated woman is not a potential wife. Little do they know that once you settle down, you mean business.

As stated earlier, this is a transition phase and a moment to discover yourself in your quest to meet the right man. There is nothing wrong with it. It is merely a passing wind, and when the right time comes, you will stop it.

Change is what defines our progress.

In a nutshell, discard your modesty and discover worldly pleasure before it is too late.

Enjoy your active sexual moment as it lasts (But with utmost care) and when the time comes to settle down, you should have no regrets.