Are You A 'Look At The Moon' Person?

Are You A ‘look At The Moon’ Person?

Once in a blue moon is an idiomatic expression that connotes 'rarity'. When something is said to happen 'once in a blue moon', chances are it never will happen at all.

Such is the rarity of the moon appearing blue, that the moon became just the same pock-marked rock it was and will never happen to look amazing as only a blue moon could.

If you are familiar with the idiom and you are the type of person to stare at the moon at night, as if you are always looking at it the first time, you could be a 'look at the moon' person.

What does it mean to be a 'look at the moon' person?

A child-like wonder and a great imagination usually will single you out of the crowd. To illustrate, the crowd is a gray wall, and you are the mural drawn by the artist.

But if you'd rather be part of the 'gray', you tend to suppress the happiness and inspiration you feel when you see the rarity in common things.

You see things differently from other people. Your originality is your greatest asset. However, your lack of confidence and belief in yourself will bury your imagination. Your natural capacity for wonder will be lost in the crowd.

How can I be myself, when I feel strange half the time?

It is up to society, to your family and friends, your acquaintances, and whoever is popular at the moment to judge you. But it is up to you to believe them and accept their judgment as a fact.

You can commit mistakes. However, you will always face the consequences of your lack of belief in your strengths and your myopic focus on your limitations. Build your confidence.

Criticism will always hound you. A crowd makes noise. It drowns the voice of the brave person who tries to insist on what he believes is real.

Will I be all right, if I come out and look at the moon?

Looking at the moon as if it is always your first time is a manifestation of gratitude. Few people have this quality. Most people look at the moon and see nothing but night. There is still beauty in people and things.

If you believe this, then you will be just fine. No matter how bad things are, you can always choose to do your best to be brave. You can still enjoy the moon as if all people and things, in fact, all life happens just once in a blue moon.