Are Relationships Overrated? 8 Ways Love Is Not All It Is Cracked Up To Be


As we enter into relationships, our expectations and desires are shaped by our experiences and personal backgrounds. Nonetheless, with each new relationship and the passage of time, we begin to recognize that certain things are not as crucial or highly valued as we had previously assumed.

1. Overrated: The first time you had sex

Whether it was an uncomfortable or passionately intense encounter, it is not sustainable in the long run, and therefore, fixating on it is futile. The crucial aspect is the sex that develops over time.

2. Not overrated: Sex in general

Having a fulfilling sexual relationship is vital for a thriving relationship. Perhaps you've heard of "sexless marriages," where couples don't engage in sexual activity, and they often end in failure. Sex is a powerful tool for building a deep emotional bond and creating intimacy between partners. Regardless of how uncomfortable your initial experience may have been, it's essential to recognize that it can improve over time.

3. Overrated: A guy who's whipped

Do you genuinely desire for him to serve you like a servant and have no say in the matter? While it may sound appealing initially, is this truly what you want?

4. Not overrated: A guy who's polite, treats you with respect, and cares for you

That alone ought not to suffice. It's preferable to have him challenge you occasionally to enable growth and learning for both of you. Relationships should be built on equality between two individuals.

5. Overrated: Your physical appearance

Media often portrays the idea that physical attractiveness is everything, promoting images of women with large breasts and buttocks, and men with well-defined abs and perfectly trimmed beards. However, looks aren't permanent and should not be prioritized over someone's personality, intellect, or sense of humor.

6. Not overrated: Your health

Being healthy doesn't require you to look like a supermodel, and it's not expected of you. It simply means taking care of your body by eating well, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep. By prioritizing your health, you'll naturally enhance your appearance. In the end, your health determines your overall well-being, not your physical appearance.

7. Overrated: A guy with money and a high-paying job

Despite what many believe, money doesn't equate to everything. While it may provide material possessions, it cannot purchase happiness or love. Nowadays, having a "good job" refers to a position that pays enough to save money and receive benefits, nothing more.

8. Not overrated: Pursuing your passion

Your passion is what brings you fulfillment in life. It's the driving force that motivates you to strive for improvement. Ultimately, being content with your life and career choices holds more significance than amassing material possessions that serve no purpose.

9. Overrated: Marriage and kids

Marriage and having children are not necessities in modern society, nor are they the only ways to express love for one another. Although society may pressure us to conform to these expectations, it's ultimately our choice how we choose to live our lives.

10. Not overrated: Family, friends, and a meaningful life

Although marriage and children may not be as significant as once perceived, the relationships we have with our family and friends, as well as our life's purpose, hold great importance. It's crucial to pursue what makes us happy and fulfilled, rather than conforming to societal expectations for the sake of it.

11. Overrated: Going out as a couple

Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you have to participate in all activities together. It's okay to have separate interests or preferences, such as one partner disliking brunch with friends or the other not enjoying football games. Taking time apart to engage in individual activities is healthy for all relationships, as everyone requires some alone time.

12. Not overrated: Spending quality time together

Although it's important to have separate activities, spending quality time with one another is crucial for any relationship. Whether it's a weekend getaway or a cozy night in with Netflix and pizza, finding time to connect and enjoy each other's company helps strengthen the bond between partners.

13. Overrated: Labels

Do we really need labels like boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged, or married to define our relationships? As adults, it's not necessary to have a name for every milestone, such as the first date, first kiss, or first-weekend outing. We don't have to categorize every moment. Instead, it's important to remember our anniversaries and celebrate our love and commitment to each other.

14. Not overrated: Having a connection

The most important thing is to have a genuine connection with each other. Don't stress about defining your relationship or keeping track of every detail. Just focus on enjoying each other's company and being in the moment. If your connection is real, everything else will fall into place naturally.

15. Overrated: Documenting everything on social media

Constantly sharing your affection on social media, posting pictures from your luxurious vacation, or showing off how happy you are holding hands in a park isn't something everyone wants to see. It's understood that you're a couple, so it's time to disconnect and enjoy each other's company.

16. Not overrated: Experiences

Instead of constantly being on your phone, taking photos, or updating your status, try to focus on living in the moment. You don't need to capture every little thing and share it with the world. Sometimes, it's better to simply enjoy the experience without any distractions. Think about what you want to remember - the moment itself or just a picture of the moment.