Aquarius In 2019

21 January – 18 February

With new objectives and lucky chances, this is your year to show those around you what your true colors are – wow, are they shining bright!

Home and Family

After a winter of making your home a base and sanctuary from the outside world, you could be ready to crank things up a notch with the loved one. Mars moves into your home and family zone in March and gets you thinking about days out and shopping trips where you and yours get creative or let off steam. You may also have to lay down a few ground rules for those you care for and clear up after. Your abode needs to be a calm place where you can collect your thoughts, so take the time and trouble to ensure everyone knows the part they need to play in keeping the household organized. As Venus takes over from Mars in June, a reunion could be on the cards and you may get the urge to reminisce with your extended family and their friends

Cash and Career

In January two planets are in your income zone, so refining your existing skills could see you benefit financially. Teaming up with someone of the opposite sex could also see you get a money-spinner off the ground, as the brains and brawn balance of your partnership could prove to be the winning combination. Later in June, as Venus links with your home life, you could find ways to make extra cash from your castle, maybe taking in a lodger or working from home. In October a lucky break sees you take a big leap forward with your chosen career.

Love and Friendship

Having someone by your side to jointly tackle life with all the energy of a puppy could make your love life all you ever dreamt of. Your heart chart heats up in April, with sexy Mars marching into your fun and games zone. Couples should find their partner is the perfect playmate, while singles will meet someone younger – or young-at-heart – and emphasis for all you Aquarians is on light-hearted days and larking about on nights out. July sees Mars move into your relationship zone and things could become serious. Those attached could knuckle down to make joint ventures happen while those yet to settle down could decide they're ready to commit. An ideal candidate could step up to the plate, or someone you've dated before may be ready to take things further.

Top 3 Tips

  1. An exciting class leads to a new vocation
  2. Respect must be mutual for love to flourish
  3. An adventure with friends is the highlight of the year

Diary Entries 2019


Listen to advice on money. Other peoples' knowledge can help boost your funds.


The drama unfolds on Valentine's Day when someone close pushes for an ultimatum. Do what feels right.


It doesn't matter what you say if someone suddenly goes quiet on you. Bide your time as things will go your way.


A trip down memory lane stirs up some memories. Make time for family, near and far, and put their needs first.


You have a breakthrough with your ideas or way of thinking. Get together with like-minded people.


One foot is firmly anchored on the ground, but the rest of you wants to fly away. Go somewhere on vacation you haven't been to before.


You're not in the right job when your lifestyle makes you feel stressed.


A relationship flounders when you choose to follow a personal dream. Decide where your priorities lie.


Too much change unsettles you. Look at ways of doing what you love but from a strong base.


You're about to change status, perhaps a promotion or a new job.


A group venture brings fulfillment. But the time is coming when you need to move on.


Once you've got a handle on your future direction, you can then relax. Try to get away, even if only briefly, over Christmas.