Appreciate Your Blunt Friends: Those Who Speak Honestly, Love You The Most

Appreciate Your Blunt Friends: Those Who Speak Honestly, Love You The Most

How do you define a good friend? Sweet? Funny? Loyal? There are so many different ways to define a "good friend".

Our friends, our soulmates, our safe side, our forever companions, life would be dull if they didn't exist. They're definitely the most important people in our life.

If you ask someone what quality they appreciate most in a friend you'll hear different answers.

Some will say it's the friend who's always there for them, others will say it's the friend that's there to lift their spirit, or the friend that makes them feel good about themselves and some might even say it's the friend who just makes them laugh.

But honestly, if you ask me, I'll say the honest friend, the friend who'll tell me the truth no matter what, if you have that one "blunt" friend, it's the best one you can ever have.

Honest friends know that the truth can sometimes be brutal, but for those honest people, you should never sugarcoat it. No matter how painful the truth can be, sometimes we need to hear it because that's usually the right thing to do.

People may call them blunt sometimes, but they're the people who have our best interest at heart.

Always keep that in mind, it's better to be told a harsh truth than being fed a sugar-coated sweet lie.

Here are 7 reasons why these 'blunt' friends are the best friends you could ever have:

1. They would NEVER lie to you, even though it could make you feel better. They don't change their principle which is honesty, it's just how they are and there is nothing they can do about it, so accept their brutality as it is and try to benefit from it. They realize that you deserve to know the truth and it'll be served to you on a silver platter.

2. They make you smile. Your close friends always know what triggers you and make you smile wide. They already know that their honesty hurts you sometimes, but they know exactly what makes you feel better, and they always do it properly.

3. Deep down in their heart, they truly care about you, much more than anyone else, and their love clearly shows through their actions and advice towards you. They just may have a different or a harsh way of expressing their emotions to you, but they still love you regardless, more than you think.

4. 0% Sugarcoating. They can't compromise with the truth, whatever the circumstances are, they will never waste time sugarcoating the harsh truth because they know it's pointless. You just need to hear the truth from them with an open heart and know they're good friends who want the best for you.

5. They're not apology-phobic. If they did something wrong, you'll hear the most sincere apology ever because they tell themselves the truth just like they do to you, they confront themselves with their mistakes, regret them, and sincerely want to make it up to you. It's not that hard for them to own up to their bad behavior, the best thing for you to do is to accept their mistakes and forgive them.

6. They're open to change. Change doesn't scare honest friends, they know it's inevitable and they're excited to explore it. They don't live their lives in constant fear of something that will happen one way or another. They embrace every change that happens to them and make the most of it.

7. They know what they want. They know exactly what they want from life and believe that faith alone won't make their dreams come true. They're practical and they put in a lot of effort to achieve their goals in life.

Appreciate a good friend, even if they're the 'blunt' type, they'll always take you down the right path in life.