Applebee’s Dollar Zombies Are Available All Through October — Here’s What They Taste Like

October is the month of spook. Everyone is hyped up with setting up ghoulish decorations. Stores have all come up with their Halloween themes, and it seems that Applebee's is joining in! Applebee's is offering us a dollar drink of the month for October, and it's called the Dollar Zombie. Yep, there's a zombie outbreak in Applebee's, but this time, they aren't chasing you. You run toward them and drink them.

The 10-ounce drink is quite fit for Halloween, thanks to Applebee's extraordinary creativity. The blue drink is made with rum, and it comes with pineapple, cherry, passion fruit, and lime flavors. Oh wait, it has a brain in it, too, but it's called gummy brain. The gummy brain is placed on top, so you get to experience how it feels being a zombie for a month!

Applebee's has always offered us a flavor of the month, but this is actually the first time they decided to crowdsource the drink of the month to the public. Apparently, people provided their inputs. The results said they want something tropical but also have apocalyptic blue booze and human-like brains. So here we are, with the Dollar Zombie. Props to the people who requested it. Halloween wouldn't be the same without this awesome drink.

According to Patrick Kirk, the vice president of the beverage innovation at Applebee's, Halloween is a favorite holiday, and they're excited to offer us another dollar drink with an infectious taste. He also said that goal is to invite everyone to get into the Halloween spirit early by trying the Dollar Zombie drink and join the dark side. You should be afraid to miss out on this amazing drink. As its name says, it only costs a dollar! You wouldn't want to miss out on it!

So what does it taste like? Well, my friends and I tried it two days ago. Yup, we had the chance to try the new Dollar Zombie! I must admit that I was pretty reluctant to try it at first, but after having one too many sips, I realized it wasn't bad after all. In fact, I think it tasted like Jolly Rancher because of its sweet taste. I mean, it wasn't the aggressive type of sweet, but it was pretty delicious. What made it balanced is the sour brain. Is there alcohol – yes but can you taste it – no. I mean, the flavors in the drink are just potent enough to say that this drink is truly one of a kind.

You can also try out other popular drinks at Applebee's if you want something else besides the Halloween Hype. They offer strawberry margarita for $1, too, and Samuel Adams Octoberfest beer for only $2. But then again, who wants to miss out on the zombie experience?

It's almost Halloween, and I think one of the best ways to celebrate is to consume an alcoholic drink that is inspired by the undead. Applebee's is available anytime, although it really just depends on where it's located. Don't hesitate to call them first if you're concerned, or you may just want to look it up on Google to save you the trouble. Most importantly, if you're not at least 21, then don't bother going. Spooky Halloween everyone!