Apparently, You Are Bigoted If You Can't Date Transgender People, Many LGBT Activists Claim

Apparently, You Are Bigoted If You Can’t Date Transgender People, Many Lgbt Activists Claim

You may not have given this topic much thought recently, but it matters today. The problem is that there is no consensus on what is acceptable and what is not. And yet, you have to ponder the question — is something wrong with you if you can't date a transgender person?

Many people think that it should depend on your dating preferences. And for many people, dating a transgender person seems to be an outright no-no.

But before passing judgments and putting labels on people based on what opinion they hold regarding this issue, I think it is worth considering all the factors.

First of all, I think we can all conceive that dating is difficult for a transgender person. And that is on top of all the changes they have to put themselves through. And when they are honest about who they are, they can even become the target of attacks.

The worst part is that these kinds of attack, physical or otherwise, are not on a decline.

These people might have genuine sentiments about being born with the wrong gender, but eventually, other people have to have opinions about their life choices.

So, as shocking as it sounds that some people claim that they would kill their partners after finding out that they were transgender, such reactions are not unexpected.

But do such concerns give transgender people a right to conceal their history?

BBC offered a deeper insight into this issue. In particular, there was an article about one of the reality shows, Celebrity Big Brother, in which a participant asked her colleagues whether they would date transgender/transsexual people.

One of the participants, Ginuwine, said there was nothing wrong with dating a trans woman, but he also added he wouldn't be caught dead doing it.

A transgender woman, Miss SaHHara, claimed that this comment showed ignorance on Ginuwine's part. According to her, the ignorance "was fed by a media that often depicts trans women in a sensationalized way, with strong bone structure and husky low-baritone voices."

She went on to add that many men are concerned about what society might think of them if they date transgender women.

Another expert, Dr. Liadh Timmins, said the comments are "transphobic." Apparently, on a surface level, some transgender women are indistinguishable from regular women.

She argues that the attraction that leads to dating should depend on that alone. But when someone seems like a suitable date based on their appearance but then gets eliminated for the fact that they are transgender is transphobic.

According to her, there should be no distinction between transgender women and regular women or cis women (cisgendered).

Such opinions about transgender women apparently make it harder to break down the barriers that trans gender people have been trying to fight against for so long.

But when it's all said and done, there is little you can do to someone who refuses to date a transgender woman.

Honestly, I don't foresee a future where people will readily agree on whether it's good or bad to date a transgender person. Can you?