Apparently, People Who Fart In Front Of Their Partner Are More Likely To Have A Lasting Relationship

Farting in public is considered a no-no, and this has been the case for thousands of years. People are even less likely to do it in front of their partners to avoid embarrassment and keep the romance going.

But findings published in Naked Parenting, written by Leah Decesare, claim that farting in front of your partner might improve its longevity. In her book, she touches on many important topics in the context of relationships.

She holds nothing back, even when the topic may seem as bizarre as the issue of passing gas in front of a romantic partner. She addresses several issues on how to keep romantic relationships going for much longer. According to her, farting is one of the signs that a relationship can go the distance.

Although most people don’t act like it, farting is a natural process that everybody knows. The digestion process that helps us get the nutrients we need from the food we eat also produces gas that has to be eliminated from the body.

All animals need food to live, and this food has to go through the digestive system and all the while, the body gets rid of all the good nutrients and leaves behind the waste, which continues on its way until it is eliminated from the body. One of these waste products is gas.

Even though this gas might smell bad due to the potent combination of chemicals, it would cause serious health issues if it stayed in the body. People would explode. So, passing gas is an important process that is a sign that the digestive system is working normally.

There is simply no way for humans to digest food without producing gas in the process.

However, according to this interesting book, getting to a point where you can comfortably fart in front of your romantic partner increases the likelihood of that relationship lasting longer.

Having a relationship that has progressed to this point is a sign that the two partners are accepting of each other, honest, and very truthful. The assurance that this act will not put your partner off can be quite comforting.

According to Decesare, empathy between the partners is enhanced when two romantic partners can fart in front of each other. If you think of it, farting in public is mostly an issue due to the smell. To some people, doing this there would be considered a sign of disrespect.

Decesare even recalls the time she decided to do so in front of her boyfriend. Afterward, he admitted that he had never felt so close to her. The relationship eventually ended in marriage, and it is still going strong.

And if that is not motivation enough to let it rip in front of your romantic partner, she delved into some professional advice on the dangers of holding in farts. To begin with, this is quite unhealthy, and on many occasions, it causes abdominal pain, bloating, and even cramps.

You might wanna take this advice seriously since an average person passes about half a liter of gas in a day.