Any Man Regrets Losing The Woman Who Waited For Him To Get It Together

If you are a guy who does not know this yet, understand that a good woman is worth the effort. She is a deserving investment and deserves the best you can give in a relationship.

You should know better than to buy into the cheap Hollywood romance stories because a good woman should not be expected to stick by you as you try to put your life together, build a career, or even explore other options until you decide she is the one.

That would be great, obviously, but you could have lost your ideal woman long before you put her through all this. So, don't take the romantic comedies you see at their face value.

You do not get as many chances with women, and once she is done, you are a history and there is not a damn thing you can do to change that.

Women typically fall in love with the potential they see in you, and that means they might give you more chances than you deserve. A good woman will believe in you even when you do not even believe in yourself, and she might even envision and hope for a future where you turn into the man she dreams about once you live up to your abilities.

This is how women end up in bad relationships.

However, the day will come when she realizes that she has had enough; and there will be no looking back - she will be gone.

She will discover how good life can be without you in it, and she will realize what a waste of time and effort you have become. At this point, she will close her heart to you, and no attempts to win her back will bear any fruit.

Even though you will tell yourself that it was because she was not right for you, deep down you will know the truth – you were the reason she left; and that she was the right person for you.

No normal person can be forced into a relationship they do not want. That is why no woman will put up with your bullshit simply because she dreamed of building a life with you.

Women want stress-free lives without drama and pain. They don't want to be captives in other people's lives as the said individuals try to find out what they want out of life.

The reason she is leaving is that she cannot take it anymore; and therefore wants to enjoy her life.

And that decision will really hurt you because this woman stood by you at your worst. She believed in you when you had nothing to look forward to, and she stood by you when no one else would.

So, losing her is going to hurt, because you will meet many women who will love you, but only at your best. At that moment, you will realize that you lost a treasure and you can never have it again.

You gave up the best thing that ever happened to you, and now you have to live with the bitter consequences.