Any Guy Can Tell You You're Beautiful — Wait For The One Who Makes You FEEL Beautiful

It's easy for anyone to tell you that you're beautiful, but it takes a genuine man to make you truly feel it. While physical or sexual chemistry is important, there needs to be more to a relationship than just that. Rather than settling for a guy who only compliments your looks every once in a while, strive for someone who treats you in the following ways:

1. He notices the little things

Love is all about the small details, and when a guy pays attention to those little things about you, it shows how much he truly treasures you. He'll notice when you switch up your clothing style or makeup look and make sure to let you know how amazing you look. Feeling truly seen by someone is what makes you feel incredibly special and valued.

2. He smiles at you when you enter a room

No matter if you're entering a restaurant, club, or returning home at the end of the day, this guy greets you with a smile that makes it seem like he's seeing your beauty for the very first time. Despite seeing you on a regular basis, he's not immune to how stunning you are.

3. He makes you feel good when you feel you're lacking

Sometimes, you might not feel your best when you're wearing sweatpants and your hair is messy, but it's in those moments that your partner might tell you how stunning you are. This demonstrates that they appreciate your beauty regardless of your appearance, not just when you're all dressed up for a fancy occasion. They might even express a preference for your natural look over a more made-up one.

4. He gives you unique compliments

Receiving constant compliments about your beauty can become monotonous over time. However, a guy who truly finds you stunning will appreciate and express admiration for specific qualities, such as your creative nature, your ability to appreciate the beauty in the world, or the way your eyes change hues in different lighting.

5. He plays with your hair in public

While chatting with your friend, you feel your boyfriend's fingers softly stroking through your hair. This tender gesture fills you with a sense of being cherished and desired, leaving you with the impression that he finds you completely irresistible.

6. He kisses you when you least expect it

If you're engrossed in something and your boyfriend approaches you with a kiss, it immediately lifts your spirits and transports you back to the early stages of your relationship when you were constantly affectionate towards each other. Kissing also brings you emotionally closer to each other, intensifying your feelings of love.

7. He doesn't rush foreplay

Rather than rushing through foreplay to get to the main event, taking the time to please you can make you feel incredibly indulged. It demonstrates that he adores your body, with all its imperfections, and wants to cherish it just as it is.

8. He's chivalrous

The beauty of small acts of chivalry is that they create feelings of respect, care, and beauty within you. It can be as simple as placing his jacket over your shoulders during chilly weather or holding your hand to assist you in walking on cobblestone streets in heels. These small gestures can make you feel like a goddess.

9. He'd rather be with you than anyone else

While it's certainly healthy for you and your boyfriend to have space in your relationship and spend time with others, occasions, when he opts to spend time relaxing with you rather than going out with his friends, can make you feel like you are the most significant aspect of his life.

10. He makes you laugh

When a guy can make you laugh, he has the ability to make you feel beautiful and can help alleviate any stress you may be experiencing. This is because he puts in the effort to bring joy and positivity into your life.

11. He knows what you need

When you've had an absolutely terrible day, this guy knows exactly what it takes to make you feel good about yourself and beautiful again. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture - simply having him listen to your troubles can make a significant difference. When you feel completely safe and at ease to express yourself fully, it's often enough to make you feel pretty and confident, even if you have mascara-streaked tears running down your face.

12. He gives you "that look"

During a casual conversation, your guy may suddenly give you a seductive look that conveys just how stunning he finds you. With his eyes glued to you, no words are necessary to express this message.

13. He doesn't perve over other women

While it's natural for guys to notice other attractive women around, when this guy is with you, he gives you his complete attention. He won't be staring at other women or making you feel like you have to compete for his attention. Instead, he is focused on you. Even if a supermodel were to enter the room, she might receive a few glances, but ultimately he would be giving you his undivided attention. Other women are merely like pictures in a magazine, unable to divert his attention from seeing you as the most amazing person in his world.