Anxiety Leaves Us Feeling Unloved, Useless, And Unappreciated

Anxiety Leaves Us Feeling Unloved, Useless, And Unappreciated

Anxiety makes you feel like you're a burden to everyone. You want to do so much, yet you are worried your mind is playing tricks, and you start to believe you're worthless.

When you're living with an anxious mind, you're always exposed, vulnerable. You get attention from your friends, yet you feel like it's a pity. You get asked out, and your mind goes into panic mode because you're wired to worry.

Even breathing doesn't come as naturally to an anxiety sufferer. You have to remind yourself to take deep breaths as a way to calm your mind and heart rate.

Talking about anxiety is messed up. When you're at therapy, things seem less dark. But, when you open up to someone, it's like being naked in the town's square during the holidays.

Still, talking is one of the best tools. Explaining it to your worried self is another. You, yes, you're reading this because most likely, either you are the one dealing with anxiety or someone you love is struggling. And words will never be able to fully describe the terror and the dark places an anxious person goes through daily.

You're always fighting with the feeling of being unloved, unimportant, or unappreciated. You know that's a lie, but anxiety plays the dirtiest tricks, and you can't even sit still.

One of the biggest paradoxes about the anxious mind is that you need to work out, go out, focus on what you love. Sure, that helps, but you're exhausted. Even when you're having a relaxing day on the beach, your mind won't quit.

Some days, you feel so isolated and alone that you lose all hope. Yes, they say it's temporary, but every moment lasts for ages, and you're suffering. So, yes, it's temporary, but when will it stop? Can you fight it long enough? Will it get worse? And what then?

Where's the light in this fearsome tunnel? When will you get to it? Accept that no one knows. If your mind is acting like a complete jerk, no wonder you feel like you're worthless.

The thing is that accepting your anxiety is the key to liberation. You have a mental disorder, and so do plenty of others. We pretend this world is advanced, modern, but we are more fearful than ever. Your anxious mind needs a focus, so maybe just by sharing your thoughts, you can be part of the change.

Allow yourself to have great days, but let yourself feel like nothing from time to time. While you're working on yourself via therapy, mindfulness, exercises, healthy eating, you're going through various phases. Anxiety cannot be cured overnight. And it's not like it's a straight path.

Your mind will heal by going to unexpected places, avoiding curves, and even crashing into garbage cans.

The only person who will ultimately help you is you. Despite feeling unloved or underappreciated, remember to love yourself, anxious, neurotic, irrational self.

You're already in prison because that's what anxiety is. But at least paint it in vivid colors, put plants in that prison of your own making, and be grateful that you still have enough time to go outside and live your best life.