Anti-PC Women Are Asking Men To Look At Their Chests Again

anti-pc women are asking men to look at their chests again

There is a public service announcement that is gaining a lot of traction online for its unexpected sense of humor.

Women with a satirical look on acceptable social norms have introduced a hilarious twist to the phrase "my eyes are up here" by claiming: "my breasts… are down here!"

The ladies in the announcement begin by painting a picture of a woman having a great conversation with a guy in a club with everything going as expected.


Then apparently, the man's eyes start to wander.

However, rather than point out how wrong it is for the man to stare at the woman's chest, they explain that he chooses between the eyes and the breasts. The story ends with a hilariously emotional appeal: "my breasts… are down here!"

The women explain that women spend $3 billion on bras every year in the U.S. Then a woman then asks an important question:


"Do you think I'm wearing this bra because it's comfortable?"

The answer is obviously "no", and the women go on to prove this by saying they do it because they want you to look at their tits.

Although she explains that she wants to be taken seriously, she clarifies that she makes sure not to wear the revealing shirt during such moments.

One of them even goes on to reveal what she calls her "ladies," while another coins the phrase "the nipples are the eyes of the chest."


This video might not be for the easily offended, and towards the end, one of the women exposes her chest before posing a challenge "look me in the eyes, I dare you." However, that part has been censored, in case you are wondering.

So, if you like this sort of humor, then this is precisely what you need. Otherwise, you are better off giving this video a pass.

Here's the full video.


What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with these ladies?