Anthony Bourdain's Surefire Hangover Cure

anthony bourdain reveals his surefire hangover cure

Anthony Bourdain's brilliant hangover cure—and yes—there's some weed involved.

After a night of drinking, feeling good the following day is a different story.

And finding a surefire way to avoid the hangover is like finding the Holy Grail—or at least a convenient parking space in New York City.

Throughout the pandemic, people have been drinking a lot, so many would warmly welcome an effective hangover cure.

Thankfully, the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain left us a foolproof way to beat back that alcohol malady.

Over the years, we watched him drinking an ungodly amount of booze on the road while traveling and exploring different food and cultures all over the world.

Curing a hangover, therefore, was an essential part of his job.

Speaking to TMZ, Bourdain shared some words of wisdom on beating a hangover.

He said:

"Aspirin, cold Coca-Cola, smoke a joint, eat some spicy Sichuan food."

Bourdain's method, which he claimed 'worked every time,' is a little more than a complicated concoction of all great hangover cure myths.

But if anyone's an expert, it was him.

Other hangover cures:

#1 Hydrate

If you feel nauseated or you're sweating in the morning after a few too many, your body may be dehydrated. So, the best way to feel better is to rehydrate it.

Have a glass right when you wake up and continue pouring yourself more over the next few hours.

But be sure not to overdo it because too much water can make you feel worse.

Go slow, but keep the water flowing.

#2 Hair of the Dog

What you feel after a night of heavy drinking is alcohol withdrawal. That's why drinking the following day may help.

While another drink may help you feel better, it won't help you throughout the day as effectively as other remedies.

#3 Drink Coffee or Tea

A weak cup of coffee might help, but an entire pot will only dehydrate you even more. It may also make your headache worse.

Even though it's tempting to grab a cup of coffee when you wake up, it's not the best idea.

As an alternative, make a cup of sweetened tea. The caffeine and sugar will give you a little boost without dehydrating you further.

#4 Get Some Exercise

It might feel like an impossible task when battling a hangover, but a little bit of movement can help jump-start your metabolism. This will get you into a better mental state.

You don't need to work up a sweat, either. Just a short walk should set you straight.

But if you're hurting, sit outside and breathe in fresh air.