Anthony Bourdain's Cocktail Is Popular Again

anthony bourdain is making this cocktail popular again

Bourdain had something of a golden touch when it came to foods and drinks. The man could single-handedly change the fortunes of certain meals simply by posting them on social media.

Having traveled far and wide in search of exotic cuisines, and always having the courage to give an honest opinion on all the meals he sampled, Bourdain's recommendation was always worth its weight in gold among foodies.


This man had, in a way, seen all the culinary creations there are to see in the world. Few people, including hardcore foodies, have tried out as many things as he had by the time he passed away.

His social media channels are often full of bizarre photos detailing his strange food adventures.

Therefore, although Bourdain is long gone from this world, his influence in the food industry still has an impact today.


For instance, when he shared a certain cocktail three times on his Instagram account, millions of people noticed.

It's rare for any dish to get such a strong endorsement from the picky culinary expert, which made lots of people stop and take a note.

When he shared the photo, he put in a caption that said: "Smartest decision of the day. #NegroniTime."


Not long afterward, he put up another picture of the cocktail glass. This time it was empty and the caption was "Tragedie."


Similarly, a few minutes later, he had posted another picture. He had clearly ordered a refill.

This time, he used the caption "Comedie."


By posting this series of photos, Bourdain made a lot of people eager to get a sip of Negroni.

Later, it was discovered that he was a huge fan of this drink. There was even a time he got high on the stuff after making them for his crew.

He said this during a story he shared with Maxim.

How To Make A Negroni

In case you don't know much about this cocktail, it consists of one part gin, one part vermouth Rosso, one part Campari, and then an orange peel as garnishing.


It is not very clear how the drink came about, but apparently, it was first prepared in 1919 in Italy at Caffè Casoni.

With such simple ingredients, this drink is very easy to make.

Since the cocktail is considered an aperitif, you can try it the next time happy hour comes just before dinner.

If you have never heard of the Negroni, then you have Bourdain to thank for this amazing culinary discovery.