Anthony Bourdain Slammed Harvey Weinstein In One Of His Final Interviews

anthony bourdain slammed harvey weinstein in one of his final interviews

Anthony Bourdain is still the one and only rock star of the culinary world. He was also a charming man, not afraid to speak up his mind.

Was Bourdain a feminist? Well, he didn't quite say so, but among his last interviews, we found proof that he understood women more than many other celebrities.

And it wasn't so much about feminism as it was about justice. Speaking with writer Maria Bustillos, Bourdain talked about the Clintons, Harvey Weinstein, and more.


Going against the establishment

You can say that Anthony Bourdain was a lot of things, but he was never a hypocrite.

In an interview, he explained that American journalism is in deep trouble. Why? Because it's too narrow-minded:

The worst thing about North American journalism is its insularity: the feeling that the United States is the world. And this is true even of the New York Times; nothing comes from the perspective of other places…


He then mentioned the curious case of former POTUS Bill Clinton and his treatment of Monica Lewinski back in the 90s.

Bourdain said that the former President is "a piece of sh*t".

And before you start calling the late chef names, let's not forget all the allegations against Clinton, as well as the abuse of power.

He continued talking about Bill Clinton:

Entitled, rapey, gropey, grabby, disgusting.


As this wasn't enough, the punk chef said that he didn't approve of the way Hilary Clinton handled the situation:

The way they efficiently dismantled, destroyed, and shamelessly discredited these women for speaking their truth is unforgivable.

Once again, Bourdain nailed it and expressed what pretty much every woman felt during the sex scandal, which shook the White House.

Bourdain and the #MeToo movement

Bourdain's girlfriend, Asia Argento, was one of the first people to come out publicly against Weinstein. That's why it was only natural for Bourdain to go into details regarding the shamed producer.


The famed writer, chef, traveler didn't hide his feelings. He vividly expressed that Weinstein doesn't deserve to live.


Bourdain said at the time:

My theory of how he goes is uh, he's brushing his teeth in a bathroom, he's naked in his famous bathrobe, which is flapping open, he's holding his cell phone in one hand because you never know who on the Weinstein board has betrayed him recently, and he's brushing his teeth—he suddenly gets a massive f**king stroke—he stumbles backward into the bathtub, where he finds himself um, with his robe open feet sticking out of the tub, and in his last moments of consciousness as he scrolls through his contacts list trying to figure out who he can call, who will actually answer the phone.


That's quite a sight, as Emmy-winning documentarian continued:

And he dies that way, knowing that no one will help him and that he is not looking his finest at the time of death.

If only Bourdain lived to see Weinstein's destiny...

Anthony Bourdain hanged himself on June 8, 2018, leaving one child behind, Ariane Bourdain, now 14.