Anthony Bourdain's Secrets To A Perfect Burger

anthony bourdain reveals the secrets to a perfect burger

When it comes to comfort food, nothing beats a burger. According to Anthony Bourdain, the secret for a perfect burger is to "keep it simple".

The simplicity of the ideal burger

The famous chef and globetrotter revealed, in an interview with Tech Insider, that to prepare an amazing burger less is more. In fact, you do not need more than three elements.


The three things that make a mouth-watering burger are a classic, soft bun, a juicy piece of good-quality beef, and a slice of meltable cheese. Everything more than this is unnecessary. Bourdain said:

"In a perfect world, you should be able to eat a burger with one hand and get a representative chunk of all elements".

No mess, no stress

It is a shame when the perfect burger tasting experience is ruined by a stain on your shirt. We have all been there.


The more ingredients you add, the more are the chances of making a mess. Sure, bacon and onion bring some taste, but that does not matter once they spill out on your pants.

For Anthony Bourdain, eating a burger was almost a poetic experience. He said:

"A burger is a beautiful thing. It's not beautiful when you're wearing half of it."

What about condiments? Bourdain thought one could do without them, but if you really insist then ketchup and mayonnaise should do the trick.


If you want to become a burger master, check out everything Bourdain had to say on the topic in the video below. Warning: it contains images that might get you hungry.