Anthony Bourdain's Restaurant Trade Secrets

12 ways anthony bourdain changed food culture forever

Anthony Bourdain was - and will always be - a legendary chef and food lover. As a 1978 graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, Anthony knows a thing or two about making delicious food.

During his time as a chef in restaurants, he learned many secrets that restaurants don't want their patrons to know about.

But the secrets are being shared and tea spilled on the way things happen when our food is prepared.

A video by ABC and Anthony has given us a sneak peek at what happens in these five-star kitchens.

these are the top moments we'll remember anthony bourdain for

Changing The Way You Think About Restaurant Food

While most people think that things are very glamorous in the kitchens of fancy restaurants, there is a lot more chaos.

As shown in the video, chefs and their colleagues often shout at each other and even throw some insults around.

Anthony was working as the executive chef in the kitchen of Brasserie Les Halles when the video was filmed.

According to him, nobody in their right mind would invite over a group of chefs - it would end in tragedy and misadventure.

He stated that he would 'run over' his own grandmother for a smooth-running restaurant.

Naturally, that's the best way to make as much food as possible in as little time as possible.

Kitchen Heat

12 ways anthony bourdain changed food culture forever

A popular saying goes 'if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen' and it seems to be very apt for Les Halles.

Anthony explained that things are cooking, there are flames and the heat really is extreme in restaurant kitchens.

As a result, everyone in the kitchen is hot and irritated, causing friction between cooks and other staff.

The pressure to cook fast and well is incredible as well.

Dealing With The Stress

Anthony opened up that when things are so intense, chefs use each other as ways to cope.

However, you won't see a chef going after someone with a knife because they don't keep their feelings bottled up.

Instead, if they are upset about something, they will express themselves immediately.

Anthony added that even when they're happy with those around them, they'll be insulting anyway because they're 'bored' and that's just how they talk to each other.

Don't Touch My Knife

Anthony shared that in the Les Halles kitchen, there is a very important rule: 'Don't touch my **** and don't touch my knife'.

They are very serious about their knives, it seems.

"Everyone has one baby, they own it, they take care of it. Don't touch it, don't look at and don't even think about it."

Steak, Well-Done

Most chefs don't appreciate it when people order their steaks well-done. They feel that it is a tragedy against the taste of the meat.

Anthony is no exception, but he has learned to not hate the 'well-doners' so much.

The reason? Restaurants give them their worst quality steaks.

"They pay to eat our garbage. They want the toughest, oldest, nerviest, most unlovely steak that we have. And they're the least likely to notice when we give it to them."

You Must Be Crazy

these are the top moments we'll remember anthony bourdain for

Anthony claims that to make things work as a chef in such a busy restaurant, you need eternal vigilance. Oh, and an unstable and possibly psychotic personality.

This is important, according to Anthony, to ensure excellence. For example, if ingredients are delivered and not up to scratch, the situation needs to be dealt with effectively.

Doing so means you can't always be nice to the delivery men or companies.

"I use absolutely every horrible profanity and personal threat. I will say and do whatever is necessary to get what I want.

"If I don't get what I want, I'm not going to do business with you. I will cut my own nose off to spite my face."

Anthony shared many little-known facts, check them out in this video: