Anthony Bourdain Explains Why Visiting North Korea Isn't On His Bucket List

anthony bourdain explains why visiting north korea isn’t on his bucket list

Being a celebrity chef involves not only cooking the most delicious food on television but also (as in Anthony Bourdain's case) it means getting to travel all over the world!

Chef Anthony Bourdain made his way to screens through A Cook's Tour. He had the enviable chance to travel the world, eating bizarre and beautiful dishes along the way.


As someone who has been all over the world, you would assume that Bourdain could not wait to visit more places and try more weird cuisines. However, in an interview with TMZ, he explained that one country is definitely not on his list; North Korea.


Can we blame him though? It does not look like a country you would chomp at the bit to visit and experience new cultures in.

And once Bourdain explained his reasons, it was a lot clearer why he felt that way.

"There's nothing they're going to let you see in North Korea," Bourdain replied to a reporter from TMZ who got to speak to him briefly.

Props to this reporter for asking such an interesting question, instead of all the usual questions celebrities get asked.


In fact, the world-famous chef decided to explain himself even further: "Most of the population are starving. Don't you think that would be in kind of bad taste?"

His words with the TMZ reporter were not entirely random. In fact, the chef had gotten this question before.

More precisely, he was asked this question when he was on Wolf Blitzer's CNN show The Situation Room.

Bourdain's CNN Interview

The question was about the trip Wolf Blitzer made to North Korea, and when Bourdain was asked whether he would end up in that part of the world or not, he replied that this journey was "inevitable".


"I have kind of low expectations for food scenes there. I'll certainly be taking a look at it, if I can get in and if there's any expectation of a story to tell and a few meals to have I'd love to go."

Sadly, Bourdain didn't live to let us see North Korea through his eyes.

But we won't forget his lighthearted humor whenTMZ asked him what he would serve Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump for dinner. He simply replied "hemlock".