Anthony Bourdain Ate 'The Perfect Food' On The Final Episode Of 'Parts Unknown'

Anthony Bourdain Ate 'The Perfect Food' On The Final Episode Of 'Parts Unknown'

Death is so drastic, cruel, and unfathomable, especially when it's self-inflicted and the reason the world loses a beloved and seemingly radiant spirit like Anthony Bourdain. For this reason, we are looking into the celebrity's last days to try to make sense of what happened.

After all, we have seen many people deliver their best just before leaving this world.

Heath Ledger's performance in the Dark Knight is still remembered with respect and appreciation today. Kurt Cobain's performance from MTV's Unplugged recorded before his passing is still an inspiring masterpiece today.

So, we have looked into the last days of famous people in the past. That helps us better deal with their departure.

Why should it be any different with Bourdain?

Bourdain's Last Assignment

In the case of Anthony Bourdain, the focus is on his final episode of Parts Unknown. What does the last episode put out by the wise legend have to say about his last days?

CNN announced that it would not air the episode Bourdain died when filming. Instead, they chose to broadcast an episode of the veteran chef exploring New York, his native home:

The final original episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown will be the Lower East Side, airing on November 11, 2018. After Anthony Bourdain's tragic passing on June 8, it was determined by CNN and the series' production company Zero Point Zero, that we would honor the work with a final season.

Anthony Bourdain Ate 'The Perfect Food' On The Final Episode Of 'Parts Unknown'

In this mysterious final episode, Bourdain claims that it's "about a very special place."

A very special time. And some very special people. So much happened—so much began—on New York's Lower East Side... the Lower East Side was in many ways the cradle of New York. Where new arrivals settled, built communities, and moved on, only to be replaced by others.

The Strange Meeting With An Old Friend

In the last episode, he met with many popular people including Joe Coleman, Harley Flanagan, and even singer Debbie Harry.

However, it was the meeting he had with his friend John Lurie that offered a very uncomfortable moment in the episode in consideration of Bourdain taking his own life.

His friend is serving him a very simple dish: hardboiled eggs.

But his reaction was very unique and surprising. The old buddies spoke of "friends who didn't make it."

Anthony Bourdain Ate 'The Perfect Food' On The Final Episode Of 'Parts Unknown'

Towards the last scene, Bourdain thanks his friend for the eggs, which he describes as the "perfect food."

Then he talked a bit about his struggle with addiction: "I came for heroin, and I came for the music."

That was how Bourdain's final episode went down, and it ended with a montage whose background music was You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory by Johnny Thunders.

I don't know what you make of this, but if it helps you make sense of Bourdain's last moments, then good for you. Life is a beautiful mystery, and death is a distressing mystery that will always leave us with many unanswered questions.