anthony bourdain approached his watch collection as he did his food

The late Anthony Bourdain extended his wise life philosophy beyond food, to watches as well. For him, nothing used to beat the simplicity of a classic.

A chef with the life of a rockstar

The beloved chef and TV personality became famous thanks to the book Kitchen Confidential. There, he revealed spicey details about his life, nothing short of that of a rockstar.

Next to the tales of his sexual adventures and nights on drugs, he shared some pretty solid tips for foodies. Do not order fish in restaurants on Mondays, for example, because it is going to be old and stale.

Later in life, Bourdain turned more philosophical and shared deep insight on humanity, while traveling the world and enjoying incredible food. Among the most bizarre things he tasted are a poisonous snake and the raw eye of a seal.

His show, Parts Unknown, was a big success. He was so big, he even had dinner with former President Obama in Hanoi.

Anthony Bourdain and his watches

Most of the time, Bourdain wore his father’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual, dating to the 1960s. More than a family memory, this watch had something to say about the owner’s personality.

Famously, the chef was not a fan of overly complicated dishes made for the élites. Instead, he appreciated the simplicity, the homely yet rich taste of the classic version of a meal.

The Rolex he wore is similar to your favorite, traditional family recipe. It is timeless, anyone can enjoy it and, even in fifty years, it is still going to be the best.

anthony bourdain approached his watch collection as he did his food
anthony bourdain approached his watch collection as he did his food

Beyond the status symbol

Anthony Bourdain was not one for showing off with a tacky watch, just like he was not one for snobbish haute cuisine. He looked for meaning and for a deeper link with the value of things.

His watch collection reflected perhaps his interest in time passing and how it affects all things and their connections. It included a Panerai Radiomir, a number or Rolexes, and a Patek Philippe Calatrava.

His many unique life encounters taught Anthony Bourdain that there is more than meets the eye. The food we eat and the watch we wear can be a reflection of ourselves and our world.