Another Police Department Starts Collecting Canned Food In Lieu Of Parking Ticket Fines

another police department starts collecting canned food in lieu of parking ticket fines

To be doing good deeds is a man's most glorious task.

But adding some positive words won't do the trick. Sometimes, you need to show people that you care. Especially if they are vulnerable or in desperate need of help.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thought us many lessons, and some of them were a hard pill to swallow.

This is the perfect occasion to reflect and be inspired to do good things for yourself and other people around you.

A police department in Ohio seized the opportunity and showed us how things can be done.

Changing The Game

Instead of opening up your wallet to pay off a parking ticket, an Ohio police department came up with an amazing idea.

They're asking people to pay off their fines with canned food donations. And this isn't the first time that police departments have used parking ticket fees to help fund important community initiatives.

A New Chapter

In addition to several North American law enforcement activities, teams started collecting donations for teachers, animals, and holiday toy drives.

Back in 2017, the Lexington Police Department decided to accept canned food for parking tickets.

And now, the Bay Village Police Department is partnering with the Bay Food Ministry to collect food donations until December 25th.

Good Deed For The Day

According to the department's Facebook page, last year the Bay Food Ministry succeeded in donating 47,392 pounds of food.

The department is accepting up to $25 worth of non-perishable food items for each parking violation.

They wrote:

"There is a regular need for cereal, cans of tuna or chicken, canned soup, and toilet paper. If you would like to donate (without the parking ticket!), donations will be accepted in the lobby of the police department 24/7."

Moreover, the department hopes their Food for Fines initiative will result in encouraging other police departments to begin with similar charity drives in their cities too.