Another Beautiful Young Texas Army Drill Sergeant Found Dead, Body Riddled With Bullets

another beautiful young texas army drill sergeant found dead, body riddled with bullets

Army drill sergeant Jessica Mitchell was found in her car by the police on Interstate 10 in San Antonio. She had multiple bullet wounds on her body, and she eventually succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.

The staff sergeant was on leave when she met the tragedy.

The police initially thought they were responding to an abandoned car. However, when they got to the white Dodge Challenger, they found several bullet holes on the car's driver side door.


After they opened the car door, they checked the pulse on the Jessica. It seemed she had been shot several times.

After the crime was discovered, the highway was shut down to allow the authorities to investigate the crime.

At the time the crime happened, Mitchell was on leave. She worked as a dental specialist at the US Army Medical Center of Excellence in Houston.

According to the base where she worked, the Army's Criminal Investigation Division together with the San Antonio police are conducting the investigation into her murder.


According to Mayo Mitchell, the sergeant's father, she was the fifth generation family member to serve in the military. He also told reporters how proud he was of his daughter:

"I told all my children, I want you to do better than what I have done. She and my children have so far and she wanted to be the best that she can be in her military career. But that was cut short."

Following her death, she has left behind a 10-year-old son.


Her friend, Francesca Toby recalled what a great person she was:

"She was a beautiful, beautiful woman, she had a son and he's without his mom and I just want to give my prayers to her family, to her son, and to her son's father."

Her family has requested anyone with information regarding the crime to get in touch with the police.

Although reports said there were no witnesses, her sister Ashley claimed that someone must have seen what happened:


"But it's a highway. Someone had to see something."

As it is, Jessica's death has left her family and the authorities with more questions than answers. Everyone is at a loss to understand why the young army sergeant and mother of one had to lose her life in such a brutal manner.