Anna Nystrom Net Worth, Dating, Age, Family, Biography & More

Anna Nystrom net Worth, Dating, Age, Family, Biography & More

Anna Nystrom is a fitness model and internet sensation from Stockholm.

Date Of Birth

15 February 1992

Horoscope Sign


Birth Place

Stockholm, Sweden

Net Worth

$500k to $1 million

Marital Status

In a partnership


5'1" (155cm)


115lbs (52.2kg)



Hair Color


Eye Color


Tattoos And Piercings


Why Is Anna Nystrom Famous?

Since she started uploading photos on social media, Anna has gained attention thanks to her perfect curves and gorgeous face.

Anna gained popularity on Instagram, and Youtube, where she shares videos of workouts, healthy living, and classy yet sexy fashion choices.

Plastic Surgeries


Number Of Instagram Followers (Updated In July 2022)

8.4 million

Who Is Anna Nystrom Dating?

Anna Nystrom is in a relationship with Richard, a soldier. The couple is tight-lipped about their relationship, Anna and Richard met on Tinder, and their first date was in a coffee place and the gym.

The two have been together for several years. They got engaged, and Anna announced it in 2020, admitting that it's been a while since the big engagement.

Anna Nystrom Dating History


Anna Nystrom Social Media

Apart from looking like a goddess, Anna has one significant advantage on social media. She is a photographer and artist, which is why her content seems so appealing.

On her second Instagram account, Anna shares pictures of places and spaces. You can check it out at

On Youtube, she has 125K subscribers.

Anna started Instagram in 2013, focusing immediately on training, making her one of the first fitness influencers.

About Anna Nystrom

Anna is an ambassador for Fashion Nova. Anna's most significant achievement is starting her leisurewear brand, Ryvelle.

She lives with her boyfriend and a dog.

Anna has been into sports since she was 5.

She had health issues, and working out and keeping a positive mindset helped her.


Anna has sisters who are twins. Her mom and her aunt are also twins.


Anna likes painting, drawing, and taking photos.

She enjoys road trips and loves animals, especially horses and dogs.