Animal Cruelty Is Now A Federal Crime Attracting Up To A 7-year Jail Term

Deliberate cruelty towards animals is a horrendous act. Of course, not everyone loves animals. But, rather than being cruel to them, indifference is a much better choice. Since November 26,2019, animal cruelty has been considered and regarded as a federal crime.

Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT)

PACT is a bi-partisan bill that prohibits causing intentional harm to reptiles, amphibians, birds, and other non-human mammals”. Animal cruelty involving intentional harm includes suffocation, crushing, slaughtering, shooting, burning, or any other activity with the sole purpose of inflicting suffering and pain, even death.

What About Videos About Animal Torture?

Since the act of torturing animals itself is prohibited, so are recordings of such. The bill passed included the banning of “animal crush videos”. You shouldn’t have them in your possession, either should you distribute them, be it images or videos, in digital or printed form.

What Is The Punishment For Those Found Guilty?

If a person is charged with animal cruelty, he will be subject to a fine and/or up-to 7 years in jail.

A federal law was necessary even though many states already have animal cruelty laws in place. Why? This is because having a federal policy against animal cruelty makes it easier to prosecute offenses committed across states.

In a statement, Kitty Block, the president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, commended PACT. She said “PACT makes a statement about American values”. She further emphasized the fact that animals were deserving of protection not the brutality that comes with animal torture.

You will agree with me that the torture of animals in a civilized society is a sore sight. It has no place here. It is a crime and the new law makes it even more so.

Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Democratic Senator who pushed the Act through the senate, deserves many thanks for ensuring that despicable and barbaric torture of animals is forbidden.

Our animals need our protection. They give so much love and affection and should have our love and protection in return. Just as we learn to live better lives, we should do the best we can to give them safer environments. Having a 7-year jail term for animal cruelty is a step in the right direction.