Angry Mom Upset As Married Friends Ask Teen Daughter To Swing With Them


A mom was totally taken aback when she discovered her long-time buddies making advances towards her teenage daughter and spouse, aiming for a sexual encounter, all while attending her daughter-in-law's baby shower.

The mother turned to Reddit to seek opinions on whether she made a mistake by ending communication with her acquaintance who attempted to initiate a romantic involvement with their adolescent daughter.

She mentioned that she had been aware of their friends' unconventional swinger lifestyle, despite their lack of explicit admission.

They first met more than seven years ago while working together, and even after her job ended, they remained in close contact.

So, when her daughter-in-law's baby shower approached, she decided to include them in the guest list.

During the midst of the baby shower, her teenage daughter approached her, revealing that the couple had been making advances towards her.

As the original poster (OP) attempted to clarify the situation, both her daughter and son-in-law expressed discomfort with the attention they were receiving from the couple.

After exchanging some uncomfortable and overly personal compliments, she extended an invitation to her daughter and son-in-law to visit her home once the party concluded.

Any remaining doubts vanished when the husband from the swinger couple intensified his flirtatious behavior towards OP's son-in-law.

Then, he boldly asked if they could engage in a 'wife swap' arrangement. Despite being declined, they persisted with their advances until eventually walking away. It's important to note that this all occurred during a literal baby shower.

The following day, OP confronted her friend, whom we'll refer to as "Sarah," about the incident. However, the conversation didn't go smoothly, as Sarah defended their actions, emphasizing that they were all adults.

OP, on the other hand, stood her ground, considering the inappropriateness of the situation, particularly because her friend had known her daughter since she was twelve years old.

Sarah, instead of offering an apology, accused OP of "kink-shaming" them. This led OP to block Sarah's number and sever all ties.

However, doubt began to creep into OP's mind after receiving feedback from some friends who suggested that she may have overreacted. Despite this, OP remained unconvinced and turned to Reddit to gather additional opinions.

One friend even sent her a message asserting that the couple in question were "kind-hearted" and their actions were not driven by malicious intent.

"Hey [my name], I heard about everything that happened with [Sarah and husband] at your daughter-in-law's baby shower and I'm sorry that [my daughter] felt uncomfortable. But I know [Sarah and husband] are not the kind of people to do that intentionally! [Sarah] has such a kind heart and I want to know how to resolve this because all this fighting is stressing out our friend group."

However, the situation took a turn for the worse when her friend, whom we'll call "Sarah," apparently discovered the Reddit post and sent OP a highly inflammatory message.

"[My name], I thought that we were over all of this petty drama, but clearly not. How dare you try to slander mine and my husband's names to our friends!!! No, we're not some sort of sick pedophiles, your daughter is an adult and you can't control her sex life! Your excuses for everything are all BULLSHIRT!!!""

You know [husband] and I have disabilities…We are both autistic so it makes it hard for us to "read the room" or whatever you're telling people. But I will lawyer up because I have a friend who is a lawyer and I will sue the hell out of your ass if you keep saying my husband and I are pedophiles. I will apologize to [daughter and bf] for making them uncomfortable if I did, but NEVER to you, you don't get shit from me!!!"


"You and your husband are pedophiles, you've known [daughter] since she was 12 years old and then you pull that shit! SUE ME!!!"

The responses on Reddit were overwhelmingly supportive of OP. Many commenters emphasized that the problem was not the couple's swinger lifestyle itself, but rather the evident lack of boundaries they displayed.

Several individuals advised OP to completely sever ties with friends who believed such behavior was acceptable.

Others firmly asserted that certain lines should never be crossed, and this incident was a clear example of one of those boundaries being violated.