Angry Father Catches Daughter's Abusive Ex-Boyfriend At Petrol Station, Teaches Him A Lesson (VIDEO)

Angry Father Catches Daughter's Abusive Ex-Boyfriend At Petrol Station, Teaches Him A Lesson (VIDEO)

However you look at it, there are few things as unique as a dad confronting his daughter's out-of-control ex-boyfriend.

This particular dad confronted a guy and a number of his friends to make him realize what a terrible human being he was for calling his daughter repeatedly to insult her.

The heated encounter was recorded on camera and later posted online. Soon, the clip went viral, with lots of people commenting on both the fight and the reason behind it.

To be honest, the guy had it coming since he was harassing the girl and had even called her a 'slut' on multiple occasions.

Obviously, no dad would take kindly to his little girl getting insulted in that manner, which is why his reaction is so understandable.

The dad had clearly reached his limits, and so he decided to confront the abusive ex-boyfriend about his unacceptable behavior.

The encounter resulted in an altercation after he tracked the ex-boyfriend to a petrol station.

The Ex Learns A Lesson

The angry Mexican dad was not messing around. He was more than prepared to give the ex a few blows to teach him a lesson and keep him from harassing his daughter.

Based on the video, the store clerk locked everyone else outside the store.

However, it is clear from the encounter that the ex didn't see this coming.

The dad slaps the ex-boyfriend around, grabbing him while also calling him out for repeatedly calling his daughter and insulting her.

As fate would have it, the girl's new boyfriend was also around, and he also confronted the guy.

The angry dad's pain is clearly understandable. After all, no one wants to see their own kid get abused by a stranger, let alone someone they even cared about.

Hopefully, the crazy ex-boyfriend has learned his lesson and will have the good sense to resist the temptation to call his ex and hurl insults at her. Otherwise, he might be in for a few more blows from her angry dad and her new boyfriend.