Andrew Tate Shares Peculiar Video Following Release From Prison

After spending months in jail, Andrew Tate has now been released and put under house arrest. Having escaped the harsh conditions of the Romanian prison, it is difficult to speculate on what his first move would be. However, he has apparently decided to go with the following:

Indeed, there are no erratic diatribes or misogynistic outbursts to be found.

Instead, we see a 45-second video of Andrew Tate pacing inside his house.

The video showcases Tate, who has grown a bushy beard while incarcerated, walking around his home with a serious expression while smoking a cigar without a shirt on.

Perhaps the most unusual aspect of the video is the fact that the camera trails him as he strides across the room.

I wonder who recorded the video. Did he give his phone to someone to capture the footage? What was his intention behind sharing it? These are the questions that come to mind.

However, the tweet that was shared along with Andrew Tate's peculiar video may provide some answers, albeit in a cryptic manner.

The video was captured:

"Since last year ive been in 24 hour lockdown. No yard time.

Pacing a 3-meter cell with zero electronics or outside contact. Absolute clarity of mind. Real thoughts. Real plans.

Vivid pain.

One hour home and I cant stand my phone.

Some habits die hard.

We must defeat Shaytan."

Andrew Tate was released from prison on Friday, March 31st. Following his release, he made some enigmatic remarks such as "the fire of truth will eventually destroy all lies."

In December, Andrew Tate and his younger brother Tristan, aged 34, were arrested in Bucharest for allegedly being involved in organized crime and human trafficking.

After months of being incarcerated while the Romanian authorities conducted their investigation, Andrew Tate was granted an appeal on Friday, which replaced his imprisonment with house arrest.

According to a spokesperson, Andrew Tate will be under house arrest until April 29th.

As of now, no one has been officially charged with any crimes.

Upon being released, Tate spoke to journalists and stated:

"I have no resentment in my heart for the country of Romania, or for anybody else.

I just believe in the truth. So I believe in God and I think that the fire of truth will eventually destroy all lies and anybody who lies in a long enough timeframe will feel the sting of regret.

I truly believe that justice will be served in the end. There is 0 percent chance of me being found guilty of something I have not done. I maintain my absolute innocent innocence.

I think most people understand this and I look forward to being home, so thank you so much."

He then added: "When I was in jail, I did 7,417 push ups."