Andrew Tate Says He Walks 10km And Does 500 Pushups And 500 Squats Every Day Inside Prison

Andrew Tate has taken to Twitter to brag about his productivity behind bars, posting several tweets on the topic.

In addition to showcasing his own productivity, Andrew Tate criticized those who are less productive than him, asserting that his followers have no valid excuses when comparing their lives to his.

"I am in a cell. I have extremely limited freedom of action," he said.

"Every single day, I do 500 squats. 500 push-ups. Practise my tiger paw technique. Walk 10km. Write and complete lessons for the students inside 'The Real World'. Read and respond to 100s of letters. Pray, [and] read my Quran."

That sounds very enjoyable.

He added: "And then begin my day of strict long meditation. You have all your freedom of movement. You have unlimited information and accessibility at your fingertips."

Tate then tweeted: "If my days in this cell are more productive than yours, you should be furious with yourself.

"It means you are failing. How will you ever reach greatness when you do not even outperform a man in a jail cell?"

He urged his followers to "put in more effort" as they "cannot afford to fail anymore."

My friend, when you're in prison, you have plenty of time to spare, but it's not our place to criticize.

It seems to be Andrew Tate's prerogative.

His statement was not well-received on social media, and many Twitter users pointed out the irony of his words.

One user said: "Ha…. But you are in jail! And we're not. Enjoy being locked up."

A second added: "'Day of strict long meditation', like you have a choice."

A third gave a challenge to Tate: "Okay MOFO. When you get out contact me. I'm not doing anything till I'm convinced it is worth my while."

Andrew Tate, along with his brother Tristan and two women, is under investigation by authorities for sex trafficking and organized crime. As part of this investigation, Andrew Tate's detention in a Romanian prison was recently extended for an additional 30 days.

In December of last year, Andrew Tate, a controversial influencer and former kickboxer, was apprehended by authorities.

Prosecutors have been granted permission to extend Andrew Tate's stay in prison three times already.

It appears that Andrew Tate will have ample time to continue his exercise, reading, and meditation routine while confined to a dismal prison cell.