Anderson Cooper Shared A Sweet Clip Of When Anthony Bourdain Taught Him To Make 'Sunday Gravy'

Anderson Cooper Shared A Sweet Clip Of When Anthony Bourdain Taught Him To Make 'Sunday Gravy'

Just recently, Anderson Cooper shared a sweet memory of his late friend, Antony Bourdain.

During his show Anderson Cooper Full Circle, the famed journalist shared a clip from 2015. It showed Tony and Cooper cooking red gravy, apparently quite famous in New Jersey, Bourdain's hometown.

Before he played the clip, he told People magazine about his deceased friend:

"I was proud to call Anthony Bourdain a friend. Some of my favorite memories of him beyond his remarkable body of work on CNN and [on] other networks before us was being with him in the kitchen."

Cooper added that Anthony would often try to teach him how to cook as he shared stories from his travels.

Cooper lost his brother to suicide, so losing a friend due to depression felt even harder than for the rest of Tony's friends. However, the journalist tried to keep things light and reminded people of Tony's greatness. He stated:

"He would also sort of torture me with dishes which I would normally never eat in a million years, and he loved to watch me squirm as I bit into like a pig's aorta."

Copper praised his friend, saying that despite all his success and traveling, he never forgot his roots:

"In Anthony's 61 years, he visited more than 80 countries, many of them multiple times, and he was really a citizen of the world, as well as a guy from New Jersey,"

Anthony loved Cap'n Crunch

In the exclusive clip, Cooper showed the two having a drink in the kitchen and swapping stories. Tony told his mate that he loved Cap'n Crunch, and added that there are two kinds of Americans:

"Those who come from New Jersey and admit it and those who come from New Jersey and are lying."

The clips continued with Coopper asking the late chef:

"So measurements don't really matter, or you're just so good you know the measurements?"

The two shared a laugh as Anthony hits back:

"I'm just so good."

Back in the studio, the journalist was obviously emotional, as he concluded:

"It is so great to hear his voice. He is so, so missed by so many."

That he is and will continue to be for as long as there are foodies in the world!