Anastasia Mironova Picture, Dating, Age, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, And Biography

Anastasia Mironova Picture, Dating, Age, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, And Biography

Anastasia Mironova is a fitness model and coach from Russia. She has won a significant following on Instagram thanks to her incredibly fit body and revealing modeling photos.

Date Of Birth

3 August 1994

Horoscope Sign


Birth Place

Trubnikov Bor, Leningrad, Russia

Net Worth


Marital Status








Hair Color

Light brown

Eye Color


Tattoos And Piercings

A tattoo of a branch with leaves on her side and a tattoo on her lower arm.

Why Is Anastasia Mironova Famous?

Anastasia is an Instagram model known for her incredibly fit body and dazzling style.

Her artful and sensual modeling photos have helped her gain many fans and a considerable amount of followers on social media.

Plastic Surgeries


Number Of Instagram Followers (Updated In August 2022)

1.5 million

Who Is Anastasia Mironova Dating?

She has not shared any information about her dating life.

Anastasia Mironova Dating History


Anastasia Mironova Social Media

Her first post dates back to 2014.

Her Instagram photos get up to 130k likes, around 60k on average.

Anastasia's Instagram page is full of artful and creative modeling photos and content related to her lifestyle. She is not afraid to show off her amazing body in revealing outfits and daring bikinis.

About Anastasia Mironova

When Anastasia finished school, she wished to move from the small village where she had grown up. She chose to study accounting at the correspondence department of the University of Economics in Saint Petersburg.

She worked extra in an office to support her studies, however, she soon discovered that she had a passion for fitness and coaching.


When Anastasia was six years old, her parents divorced, and she stayed with her mother. Her mother soon remarried.

It is known that she has a half-brother.


She is passionate about beauty, fitness, and fashion.