An Open Letter To The Guy Who Can't Communicate

Effective communication is essential in any relationship, but some men seem to think it is optional and expect problems to resolve without any discussion. Some of them may even completely vanish when conflicts arise, like the ghosts we often encounter in modern dating. If you are someone who struggles with communication, please listen up:

1. Running From Problems Doesn't Make Them Disappear

You made me feel like it was unreasonable for me to want to communicate and address our problems, but all I wanted was to be honest with you so we could work towards a better future. I didn't want to argue, but your avoidance of the issues eventually led to conflict. You didn't want to be a part of the potential successes we could have shared, and it's a shame because all you had to do was talk to me.


2. Honesty Is Appreciated, Even If It's Harsh

I wanted you to tell me what was going on in that beautiful mind of yours. I wanted you to give me answers even if they hurt me, and even if it meant no longer having you. We got to that result after too much torture, but I wish you could have spared me the sleepless nights, the tears, and the end resulting heartache I felt. When I didn't get answers, all I had was more questions, but you were too selfish to consider me.


3. Your Actions Can Only Get You So Far

I appreciate the ways you showed me you cared for me during the good times when we didn't have any doubts or disagreements. While those gestures meant a lot to me, they don't solve problems. Eventually, you will need to openly address the challenges that all relationships face if you want to find the happiness you desire.

4. You Need To Work On Yourself

I hope you can recognize your shortcomings and take responsibility for this flaw you have in communicating. Why are so many men afraid to talk to women? What happened to you in the past that has led to this behavior? I may never know because you refuse to open up about it.


5. I Wish You Had Told Me What You Wanted

I never intended to fall for you, but I was captivated by your passion, your quick wit, and your charm. You left me hanging, though, and I wish I knew why you shut down. Unfortunately, I may never find out.

6. You Left Me In The Dark, But I Found A New Light

Even though you left me with many unanswered questions, I am grateful for the experience because it showed me what I truly need in a partner and gave me the strength to move on from the unknown. I was able to find my answers and realize that the problem was with you, not me.


7. It Going To Take Time, But I Hope You Figure It Out

I could hate you and wish you ill, but I choose not to. I want you to do better so you don't leave another woman in the same uncertainty and confusion you left me in. You can't keep avoiding confrontations that make you uncomfortable, because no matter how much you try to escape them by moving on to new relationships, the problems will continue to follow you. When you don't address your issues, they will continue to haunt you no matter whose heart you try to win. Even though you have left a negative impact on my heart, I hope you can learn to do better in the future.