An Open Letter To Anyone Having A Bad Day

We've all experienced frustration, depression, loneliness, and anger at some point. It's common for a single negative event to trigger a chain reaction of negative emotions, even if you were having a good day before. Whether it's an internal struggle, such as feeling down about being single, or an external issue, like losing out on a promotion to someone like Marjorie, it seems like you could use a pick-me-up.

1. It's Okay To Be Bummed Out, At Least For A Little While

When feeling down, people may advise you to "cheer up" or "snap out of it." However, it's important to recognize that sadness, anger, and irritation are natural and essential emotions. It's okay to allow yourself to wallow for a while if it helps, but don't stay in that state for too long.

2. This Won't Last Forever

Although it may not seem like it presently, this difficult day won't define your entire life. You can expect better things to come.

3. You're Powerful

You have the power to determine your destiny and control your emotions. At times, you may feel like your life is beyond your control and that you're trapped in your current situation. However, the reality is that you possess more influence than you realize. Create a list of the negative aspects of your life that you could modify, and begin working through it.

4. Take A New Spin On What Bothers You

There are various perspectives to consider, and if your current outlook causes you misery, try shifting your mindset. For instance, if you're tired of being single, try viewing it from a different angle: at least you're not in a toxic relationship.

5. There Are Things Out There That Can Change Your Day

Once you've allowed yourself to feel down for a while, it's time to lift your spirits. Engage in activities that bring you endless happiness, whether it's snuggling with your pet, watching Friends bloopers on YouTube, or smelling seasonal candles at Michael's craft store.

6. Give Yourself A Break

It's effortless to criticize oneself, but it's also unproductive. Treating yourself poorly won't inspire any meaningful, long-term improvement. We're all fallible human beings, and we all make errors.

7. Give Everyone Else A Break

Someone took your parking spot, your boyfriend neglected to inform you about his night out with his friends, and your mother keeps pestering you about having children. While these events are undoubtedly irritating, try to be understanding. As you would give yourself a break, extend the same kindness to others.

8. Get Help

If your tough day is persisting and stretching into a difficult week or month, or if you're unable to shake off your negative state, it's time to seek assistance. There's no shame in seeking support from your loved ones or reaching out to a therapist. The benefits of asking for help far outweigh the discomfort of requesting it.