An Open Letter To All Who Rush Through Life Just To Be On Time

An Open Letter To All Who Rush Through Life Just To Be On Time

I hope you never rush to do something now just because you are following the crowd. I hope you don't let the pretense of others make you feel like your life isn't fulfilling enough and thus burn yourself under the guise of rushed refining.

I hope you never fall in love with the wrong person and rush into marriage just because you're concerned that you are getting old, that time is not on your side, and that your peers have all reached this important milestone. I hope you realize that their time to achieve this isn't necessarily yours.

I hope you never rush into marriage

Even if it's with the right person just because of family pressure and societal values and then have to deal with multiple issues afterward just because you weren't ready and it wasn't your time.

I hope you don't make rash decisions just because time seems to be running out. I hope you don't end up living another person's dream just because you felt yours was too slow.

I hope you never fashion your thoughts after trends proposed by the world and be fooled into quitting your journey just because you feel it's insignificant compared to the world's idea.

I hope you don't give up on your goals just because the flimsier things of life can bring you to the limelight quicker.

It is true that time waits for no one and that you shouldn't waste time doing what needs to be done. But, also note that what is worth doing is worth doing well. Hence, take your time.

I am not encouraging nonchalance or procrastination

I'm simply saying, do not be in a hurry to follow the crowd. Don't force what is not meant to be because when you think you've successfully fooled life, it pulls a big joker on you. All you rushed to achieve can go up in flames like they never happened.

For the mistakes you have already made, do not be in a mad rush to fix them, or else you might worsen the situation. Time heals all wounds. So let it take its course. Embrace your journey instead of constantly trying to change it. Life presents us with a general exam. The twist is, we all have different question papers. Do not try to copy from others or you will end up failing woefully.
Do not be in a rush to meet up with a time that isn't yours. At the end of the day, you will be glad that you took your time.