An Intimidating Personality Can Be A Blessing And A Curse

An Intimidating Personality Can Be A Blessing And A Curse

Are you one of those people that can blindside those around you with your strong personality?

Do you always follow through to the end with your plans, think outside the box, and is never a sheep following the flock?

Do any of these signs sound familiar? People might find you somewhat intimidating!

They will most likely respect you as one of life's doers, but they may also be a little bit scared of you.

You read other people quickly.

You can read people very easily can spot bullshit a mile off. You can tell who is being truthful and who is dishonest.

You detest ignorant game players, and you will call them out of their shit without a moment's hesitation. You get straight to the point.

You've been called "blunt," "too honest for your own good," and "brutal." If you have, then yes, you are intimidating to those around you.

Most people like to engage in small talk when getting to know someone, and you just go straight for the jugular.

You have no time for gossip, you want facts, not fiction, and you want it fast.

You often find yourself in the minority.

You refuse to follow the pack rules, especially if they don't sit with your personal values.

You always think outside the box. You feel more at ease there.

You're independent, that can be a lonely place at times, yet to you, it's your happy place.

People who find you intimidating will struggle to understand you.

You don't make or accept excuses. You are not one of life's whiners.

You just deal with what comes your way.

You never play the victim. If it's down to you, you own it and deal.

You have no patience for those that complain and blame others for their own failings.

You set yourself goals and will go all out to achieve them.

You have no time for laziness and procrastination drives you insane.

You aren't jealous.

You have no concern as to what other people have. In fact, you are pleased for them to be comfortable and happy in their life. When you congratulate someone, you truly mean it!

You know that what they have has no impact on how you proceed to make a success of your life. To you being jealous is negative time-wasting energy that has no place in your life.

Your ability to be like this will surprise some people, and they may even be envious of this part of you.

You love new opportunities.

There are those that have jobs for life, which is great for them. You, however, are always happy to step out of the comfort zone and find new challenges.

You even view any setbacks as a gift, and it encourages you to reset your thinking, adjust your sails, and away you go.

You are no starry-eyed person, you know there are opportunities out there, and you go out and find them.

You find it hard to tolerate stupid people. Your mind is always so open.

You struggle with peoples closed in and, at times, ignorant behavior.

Your nerves can get a little frayed around the edges with people, and you may even find yourself thinking, "There's no excuse for being that ignorant!"

You are polite, patient almost to a fault, but you can't wait to get away from them at the first opportunity.

You do scare people away who could have been great friends, even partners, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

You will eventually find your tribe, and you will feel all the better for it. Embrace your intimidating personality!