An Empath And A Narcissist Together Make A Powerful Couple, But Very Toxic Too

It's said that opposites attract, and it is just as accurate in the relationship of an empath and a narcissist. Due to their very nature, they tend to fit well together. The narcissist is usually attracted to individuals whom they can get the most use out of. By definition, an empath is an individual who is the opposite of a narcissist, they are very in tune with the emotions of others, working like sponges.

An empath's ability to selflessly fulfill the needs of others is why the narcissist is so drawn to them.

Narcissists are drawn to the unconditional love that they feel they will receive from an empath. On the other hand, an empath gravitates towards the narcissists because they will show themselves to be very giving and charming, something an empath loves. The empath is the healer. In a relationship, hoping that they can fix what they see as wrong with the narcissist. Making them a formidable couple, but also, leading them down the path of destruction.

Their seamless fit is what makes them a great couple; together, they can take on anything that is in their path.

While the narcissist is the powerful one in the relationship, leading the two along, the empath is the one that follows and supports their partner, to the best of their ability. They are the ones that help raise the narcissist, they feed their ego. This is precisely what the narcissist needs, which makes them drawn towards an empath, to begin with.

Though the two can be a very powerful and commanding couple, they can also become destructive.

By their very nature, a narcissist is unable to hold on to their ruse for very long, most of the time beginning to abuse those around them. A narcissist is known to suck all the energy out of everyone they come into prolonged contact with, finally exhausting their partner beyond recognition. Individuals who are narcissists are manipulative and complicated, making them very hard to live with for an extended period of time.

Since an empath usually only sees the good in people, they can be completely unaware that they are in fact dealing with a narcissist. Until it is too late. When involved in such a relationship, the empath will end up being the victim of the narcissist. Which is what makes the relationship so toxic. They form what can be described as a trauma bond together, where it might end up feeling to the empath that they are unable to leave such a toxic relationship.

Even though empaths are always more trusting of people, they need to be on the lookout for narcissists specifically.

As loving as they are, empaths are usually drawn towards the wrong type of people, which is why they should try and look at things from the outside, or ask others what they see. A narcissist can suck the very life out of an empath, whose only agenda is trying to love and help their narcissistic partner.