Amy Schumer Vows To Wear 'Hospital Underwear For Life' Following The Birth Of Son Gene

It has been more than five weeks since actress and comedian Amy Schumer welcomed her first son, with husband Chris Fischer, but Amy is still reaching for her "hospital underwear."

Amy, 38, is showing once again that she's all about keeping it real. The comedian never shied from sharing personal details about her life, and she isn't holding back now.

Most people aren't always frank about the personal challenges they faced during pregnancy. But Amy was ready to share the good and bad times of her pregnancy in a recent Instagram post.

The actress shared a video detailing her pregnancy experience. The video, also part of a promo for her new Netflix film 'Growing,' explained what she went through.

Fans responded to her post, thanking her for sharing the struggles.

One Instagram user wrote:

"I had hyperemesis too! Women who haven't been thru it don't understand that we are the MAMA MARINES of pregnancy."

Another commented:

"This was my life for 10 months. You're a legend for bringing awareness to the hell it is. And, no, ginger doesn't help."

Earlier in her pregnancy, Amy was also hospitalized due to hyperemesis and had to cancel some of her shows in Texas.

She told her fans how deeply sorry she was, but "everyone who says the 2nd trimester is better is not telling the full story. I have hyperemesis, and it blows. Very lucky to be pregnant, but this is some bullshit."

Amy also shared photos of herself proudly rocking hospital underwear as she walks with her newborn. In another picture, the mother-son appears to take a nap on the couch together.

She captioned the photos:

"5 weeks. Hospital underwear for life!"

Fellow stars praised Amy's "raw and vulnerable" documentation of her postpartum life.

Tess Holliday, a Body Positive model who's also a mother of two sons, commented:

"Thanks for being so raw and vulnerable about the realities of postpartum life. There is so much pressure placed on new moms to 'bounce back' & it's not real life. You're doing amazing & you're amazing & those hospital undies are COMFYYYYY."

Since giving birth to her firstborn, Amy has maintained a sense of humor while chronicling her first days as a new mom. The 'Trainwreck' star had even shared a photo of her self breast pumping on a Saturday night.

"Guys, what are we doing tonight?" Amy captioned the photo, in which she wore a pumping top with her hair up and posed straight-faced, holding two bottles.

Just 14 days after giving birth, she returned to the stage, despite being mother-shamed by some fans for returning to work "too soon."