Amsterdam Restaurant Builds Individual Greenhouses For Social Distancing While Dining

amsterdam restaurant builds individual greenhouses for social distancing while dining

While many restaurants are staying closed, one Amsterdam diner has found a way around strict new social distancing measures — by seating diners in individual glass greenhouses.

The restaurant within arts center Mediamatic Biotoop, Mediamatic ETEN, also did their best not to allow close contact between their guests and workers.

It offers a four-course vegan menu, and to relieve any risk of infections, the waiters use wooden boards to bring dishes into the greenhouses to diners.


Introducing Serres Sépparées


The plant-based restaurant on Amsterdam's waterfront introduced their Serres Séparées (separated greenhouses) in March 2020. The realization came to life in May after many hours of brainstorming.

On the restaurant's Instagram it said:

"Serres Sépparées is one of our new dining concepts. With the current situation, it's difficult to open a restaurant with limited space. So why don't we add to our location and create a safe and intimate home for partners to reconnect with the outside world at their own leisure. Our signature plant-based cuisine will be available for guests to enjoy in one bubble or in the newly renovated main restaurant."


Additional safety measures

The waiters aren't allowed inside your greenhouse. And it's not just that they are bringing you food on a long, wooden board. They are also wearing masks and face shields.

Though it's hard to say that going out, even to get groceries, is safe, this restaurant is doing plenty to encourage social distancing while giving you a meal to look forward to.


Willem Velthoven, founder of Mediamatic said:

"We are now learning how to do the cleaning, how to do the service, how to get the empty plates out again in an elegant way, so you still feel taken care of nicely,"

The small glasshouses can seat up to four people. Though it was quite a challenge, it paid off well. As soon as people heard about the restaurant's creativity to keep everyone safe, they were booked for a month in advance.


Instead of feeling claustrophobic, the customers claim it's romantic and soothing. And it certainly looks that way to us, as well.