Amouranth's OnlyFans Account Has Been Hacked

If you're a Twitch fan, you've probably heard about Amouranth. Due to her wildly successful hot tub streams, Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa has nearly six million followers on the streaming platform.

She appeared at TwitchCon earlier this week to meet her devoted followers, who oddly "wanted her to step on them." Although it was a bit awkward to watch, I'm sure the fans were happy with the outcome.


However, Amouranth didn't only come across devoted fans. She was also confronted by multiple stalkers, informing her viewers that her "24-hour security" were able to intervene.

In yet another stroke of bad luck, it's now known that Amouranth's OnlyFans account has been hacked.

The account was compromised in the late hours of October 12th. After getting access to the report, the hacker could see her balance of $900,000, which she had not yet withdrawn.


Fortunately, Amouranth was alerted to this when the hacker attempted to alter the account's connected bank information.

Amouranth took to Twitter and wrote, "So my main OF account that was carrying a $900K balance not yet withdrawn was hacked last night. This is the notice after they tried to add their own bank info."

She revealed the notice, which read, "We are unable to verify your account at this time. Your banking details require updating. Please click 'Add Bank' to complete this process. Thank you."


Fans questioned Amouranth's decision to leave so much money in the account, to which she responded, "You can only withdraw at a certain frequency/$volume, so I have a special withdraw thing I do with them each quarter." Undoubtedly, this was a close call.