America's 'Highest-Paid' Sex Worker Suing Nevada For Closing Down Brothels

america’s ‘highest-paid’ sex worker suing nevada for closing down brothels

Alice Little, America's highest-paid and most successful sex worker, has filed a claim against the State of Nevada. She stated that she lost income due closing of legal brothels during the pandemic.

The Irish-born sex worker started in 2016, and by 2018 she already earned one million dollars. She's been working steadily until March 17, when the restrictions closed down numerous businesses.

Little is cited that she's been denied earning because brothels haven't been able to open again, while other businesses have. She filed a claim against the state's governor Stephen Sisolak in October, and the trial will begin soon.

Does she have a case?

america’s ‘highest-paid’ sex worker suing nevada for closing down brothels
america’s ‘highest-paid’ sex worker suing nevada for closing down brothels

Many businesses had to close down for good due to the pandemic. The economy will suffer for the next decade, so it's important to express solidarity.

In Nevada, some restrictions were lifted in May. Casinos were allowed to operate once again in early June, but the Moonlite BunnyRanch, where Little is employed, hasn't been allowed to reopen.

Little started a GoFundMe page for her legal fees, where she stated:

"Nevada's governor has unfairly kept the legal brothels closed while allowing other high-contact businesses, such as massage parlors, spas, and salons, to reopen."

She added that the decision not to reopen is "particularly arbitrary given that Governor Sisolak announced the resumption of all other economic activity... on August 3."

Little continued:

"He [Sisolak] has, without any rational basis, decided to single out brothels."

It all seems legit, and we fully support sex workers. Yet, due to the nature of their jobs, it's not hard to understand why they weren't allowed to work.

The loss of her constitutional rights

america’s ‘highest-paid’ sex worker suing nevada for closing down brothels
america’s ‘highest-paid’ sex worker suing nevada for closing down brothels

Little also asks for compensation for the damage to her business, as well as the loss of her constitutional rights.

She managed to gather almost $8,500 on GoFundMe. Her goal is $50,000.

Despite her lawsuit, Sisolak's busy with other, far more critical things. He's currently focused on bringing the kids back to schools.

He told The Nevada Independent :

"We're going to have to look at getting kids back into schools before we look at getting folks back into brothels."

"We'll be addressing it some time, certainly, but it's not in the immediate future."

Alice is awaiting trial, but she's focused primarily on getting funds for her legal battle. She updated her GoFundMe page:

"As many of you know, legal battles aren't cheap. This lawsuit has been self-funded up to this point, and now I'm asking for your help to allow me to pursue this case all the way through to a successful victory."

"The brothel's closure affects far more than just myself- it affects an entire network of working women and staff who are all suffering financially as a direct result of Governor Sisolak's refusal to reopen these respected adult businesses- hence the need for legal action."

We assume people would show more sympathy if she weren't the highest-paid sex worker in the States. Perhaps she could start an OnlyFans page?