American Students Dream: How The US Became Majestic?

american students dream: how the us became majestic?

When it comes to choosing where in the world to study, the United States of America has long been one of the most aspirational destinations for students to set their sights on. There are many reasons why the United States has become synonymous with this type of aspiration, stretching back hundreds of years to the country's foundation.

A big part of the reason comes down to the notion of the "American Dream." Exploring the reasons why the USA is such a successful country when it comes to the international education market makes for a truly interesting research topic for any student.

Whether it's American students, or curious students from around the world, delving into the American dream research topics reveals a lot about both the USA and the nature of higher education. Essay examples over at do a great job of exhibiting the different ways of interpreting the nature and development of the American dream. This helps greatly in understanding the role that the American dream has played in creating the USA's further education culture.

From its historical origins to the present-day state of the USA's higher education industry, here's a quick lesson on the American dream, its truths, and its shortcomings.

Origins of the American dream

The notion of the "American dream" is something that stretches back to the earliest days of the North American continent's colonization. When settlers came over to the land now known as the USA, many did so in the hope of leaving behind poor conditions or traditional societies in Europe.

These colonists often dreamed of making a better life for themselves in the "New World" and enjoying a life of increased liberties, free from a monarch's authority. This desire for a fresh start with endless opportunities was to become the basis of the modern American dream.

The modern American dream has less to do with carving out a new and innovative way of organizing a country, and for most refers to the opportunity to improve your station in life. Job opportunities and access to education are the main factors we see, driving the modern-day belief in the dream. This association between the USA and the notion of aspiration have become so ingrained in the global consciousness that it has become a huge influencing factor in many students' decision of where to study.

The dream of studying in the United States

When it comes to choices of where to study, the USA has no shortage of options. The United States offers prospective students a choice of almost 6000 universities. It is second only to India when it comes to ranking countries in the world with the most universities!

The USA is renowned not only for the sheer number of institutions it is home to but also for their high quality. Many of the top-ranking higher education institutions in the world are located in the USA. Many of these have names that are recognized globally and automatically conjure associations of prestige and importance. Colleges such as Harvard, Yale, and UCLA have international reputations as schools that offer a class of the highest quality to each student and are attractive to employers around the world.

The benefit of attending such highly ranked universities is not only the high quality of education offered by each teacher and the state-of-the-art facilities but also the alumni networks that students are left with after they graduate. In the USA, it's no secret that a good business network can often be the secret to success, and for many graduates, the best way to climb the career ladder is to make use of their college's alumni network.

To dream or not to dream?

While the American dream may make the USA seem like the perfect place to study, there are always hidden factors to consider.

Students in the US often pay far higher fees than anywhere else in the world. For those considering the value of pursuing the American education dream, it's important to stay realistic and weigh up the good against the bad!