Amber Heard Hits Jason Momoa?

Amber Heard Hits Jason Momoa

The filming of Aquaman 2 has been suspended, as allegedly, Amber Heard hit Jason Momoa.

According to various sources, Heard caused an injury to Momoa's eye. The Health and Safety board in the UK is investigating the case.

So what happened? Apparently, Amber and Jason were filming, as she used a prop and attacked him. However, the safety tip was off, causing injuries to Aquaman.

Allegedly, further investigation should reveal whether Amber Heard knew that the safety part was missing from the prop.

Amber Heard Hits Jason Momoa

Amber Heard was in Paris at the L'Oreal event just four days ago, confirming that the filming was on pause.

The insurance company that is behind the Aquaman's equal is looking into the incident, which comes only a month after the first teaser was released.

We hope to get more information, as well as official confirmation about the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The movie should be released in December 2022, and it features Nicole Kidman, Randall Park, and many more.

Here's the first look:

Many Johnny Depp fans wonder: is there a person near Amber who doesn't get harmed one way or another?