Amber Heard Has Been Cut Out Of Aquaman 2, Our Scoop Confirmed

Amber Heard Has Been Cut Out Of Aquaman 2, Our Scoop Confirmed

Amber Heard is in a fierce legal battle with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. The trial has been quite dramatic.

To begin with, Depp lost his role in Fantastic Beasts, and there are rumors that he has lost his role in Pirates of the Caribbean.

On her part, Heard had to put up a real fight to get her role in the Aquaman sequel, Aquaman 2. She was supposed to have a significant role in the film, but her part was reportedly reduced to just a few minutes of screen time a few weeks ago.


The rumors have since been confirmed to be true.

After Heard's time on the stand, Heard got her chance. She was questioned over a lot of things, including her role in the Aquaman sequel.

Her legal team was trying to prove that her relationship with Depp had negatively affected her acting career, as Depp tried to do during his time on the stand.

While giving her testimony, she admitted that her role as Mara was reduced substantially and had to "beg" to get it back. She revealed that she was given a new script that did not have scenes with action.


Her character was also apparently depicted as a different character. She revealed that they took out a huge part of her role.

The issue started when Heard painted Depp as an abuser in an op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018. Although she did not mention his name, she was calling him an abuser.

After the op-ed, Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against Heard, claiming that the accusations had destroyed his Hollywood career.


In the ensuing trial, neither of them looked good, but the public seemed convinced that she had been dishonest about the alleged abuse.

Over time, things have been getting progressively worse for Heard. Her legal team has experienced many embarrassing defeats in court in their futile attempts to dismiss the case.

Already, Aquaman director, James Wan, has stopped following Heard on social media. Warner Bros has done the same thing.


This might indicate that Mera might no longer be part of any DC productions in the future.

In all likelihood, the case will end this month, and whoever loses will most likely lose more than just millions of money. Both actors suffered a lot of damage during the trial, which might not be fixable.

The person who wins the jury's verdict will get an opportunity to claim that they were telling the truth all along.


In particular, if Heard loses the case, she will have to pay $50 million and get shunned by many more people than the people at Warner Bros.

Depp is getting countersued by Heard, who is demanding $100 million in damages.

From the look of things, DC and Warner Bros seem like they will want nothing to do with Heard once Aquaman 2 is released.