Amber Heard Ghosted Elon Musk, And You Can See In His Texts It Broke His Heart

amber heard ghosted elon musk, and you can see in his texts it broke his heart

Johnny Depp's defamation trial against The Sun is almost over, and his ex, Amber Heard, is experiencing some negative publicity once again over an interaction she had with tech billionaire Elon Musk.

In a text message between the actor and the tech billionaire, we see a softer side to the wildly successful entrepreneur nobody knew existed.

Apparently, Amber Heard ghosted Elon Musk. In her phone, she had saved him as Rocketman.

During their relationship, things went south and he was left feeling bad after what Amber Heard did to him.

Most people would have a hard time believing that Elon Musk could actually say these things. To be honest, they are quite sweet.

Here is the exchange:

In the conversation, Musk expressed deep concern for Amber and showed deep relief after learning that she is okay after previously hearing that Johnny Depp was violent.

After she went silent, he claims to have thought that something bad might have happened to her.

Amber Heard Told Musk About Her Desire To File For Divorce

After a short interaction, she went on to tell him about filing for a divorce and a restraining order the very next day, which Musk clearly found drastic. So, he offered to have 24/7 security set up for her if she wanted, and he promised to keep the whole thing under the wraps.

The sweet tech billionaire even promised that the offer would still be available to her even if she were no longer interested in seeing him again. He also expressed the heartache of having Amber Heard cutting off all communication with him.

Rocketman: "I'm happy to engage 24/7 security for you, if you'd like. It would be utterly confidential."

Heard: "All that is irrelevant why I stopped talking to you."

Rocketman: "I know. And the offer would stand if you never wanted to see me again."

"Anyway, sorry for being an idiot. The radio silence hurt a lot. It only matters because I really like you."

You can almost feel the pain Elon went through after how things turned out while engaging with Amber Heard. Hopefully, now that he is married to Grimes, had a baby, and made a truckload of money, the role of a jilted lover is now well behind him.

Strangely enough, after this exchange, Depp's lawyer, Laws, and Amber Heard got into a cold conversation in which her hypocrisy of engaging with other men while feeling jealous over Depp is discussed.

Here is what the lawyer said:

"Were you telling Mr. Depp about this? Time and again, you have accused [Depp] of being jealous, but we can see here you are in communication with someone."

However, all Amber said was"

"I think all jealousy could be deemed illogical."

Clearly, we have seen nothing yet of the fierce drama between the actress and her famous actor husband. Things are likely to get a little more heated as their case progresses, that's for sure.