Amber Heard Gets Marriage Proposal From Saudi Man Who Says He Is Better Than Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Gets Marriage Proposal From Saudi Man Who Describes Her As A "blessing"

A Saudi man who considers Amber Heard a "blessing" would love nothing more than to marry the actress after the hell she has been through during Depp's defamation trial. The man wished to make her his wife abundantly clear by sending Heard a DM on Instagram.

He proposed through a voice message, explaining why he was the right man for her. It's doubtful that Heard would be interested.

The Man Believes He's Doing A Public Service

The man explains why the actress should say yes to his proposal in his message. As far as he is concerned, Heard has nothing else left after losing during Depp's defamation trial.

The suitor pointed out that since all doors were closing on her, she had no other option but to let the man take care of her.

"I've noticed that some people hate and bully you, therefore, I decided to marry you. May Allah bless us both."

The Man Promises He's Better Than Depp

The Saudi man also tried to make it clear that he would be a better partner to her than Depp was. He considers her a "blessing" despite being aware of the fact that not many people share that opinion at the moment.

In his message, he also takes a jab at Depp by referring to him as an "old man."

"I am better than that old man."

Nobody Can Tell If This Is Legit

Based on the message the man shared through the audio clip, it's hard to know if he is serious or just making fun of Heards' predicament.

Strangely, the post's caption references a Kuwaiti business that sells baby shower gifts, hand creams, and baby shower gifts, which makes the "proposal" sound a lot like your average Instagram spam.

Heard Could Use Some Peace

It is very likely that the man who sent the message was expecting a response from the actress.

After all, marriage must be the last thing on the actresses' mind at the moment. That's before you even consider the strangeness of entertaining advances from random strangers on social media.

Although Heard has her fair share of support, it might be best if she took a break from social media. The negative attention she gets from Depp fans is much greater, and this unlikely suitor is well aware of this fact.